A little piece of holiday paradise

Pretty much on any normal day in my life I have a t do list that requires more time than there are hours in the day so when I go on holiday I love to chill out and one of my favourite places to do this is Naples Florida. The beach is long with soft, white sand, the sun shines most days, it is always warm. The hotel is great, the food is good and live music most nights in the bars, what is there not to like?

Naples is not a super party place but more a place to chill out. It is too hot to be stressed about anything and it is easy to just let the days go by. When walking on the beach the pier is always a good destination.

Naples Pier

There are always fishermen fishing, more for recreation than anything else but it is fun to listen to them scabbling about what side is the best to fish at, who caught the biggest fish and when and it is all very amicable.

Fishermen on Naples pier

An impressive frigate was circling around looking for a meal, a sea turtle made a quick appearance (sadly didn’t have time to get a picture) and the pelicans were ever nearby.

Back on the beach you are never alone. Sensing me going for a snack I immediately got company from a not too shy seagull who seemed to think that we should share. Had it only been one I might have been tempted but the whole extended seagull family and friends were not far away.

We decided to try and few places to eat but for the best breakfast and lunch our vote went to The Cafe, http://www.thecafeon5th.com/, not only great staff but great food, everything is fresh and made to order and the portions are perfect.

My favourite breakfast was a bowl of fresh fruit and berries, a perfect way to start the day.

Followed by poached eggs, bacon and toast, (not on the same day), and for some reason I always have grape jelly on my toast here but never at home.

For lunch my favourite was a Mexican wrap, a soft tortilla, filled to the brim with fresh veg, perfectly grilled chicken and black beans and cheese, then gently toasted, every bite was great.

Last Saturday night was a perfect night for a party night. We started at Mc Cabes pub.

Mc Cabes pub is in the hotel the Inn on Ffth, http://www.innonfifth.com/, this is most likely the friendliest and best hotels I have ever stayed in. The staff is always nice, they aways go the extra mile to make you feel welcome and I would recommend this hotel to anyone. The atmosphere is great, it is nice and clean, the pool and surrounding area is a great place to hang out and the beds so comfortable it is hard to get out of them in the morning!

In Mc Cabes we started with a G&T and to my delight I found a new gin to try, Nolet Gin. As they make the drinks very strong it was a great thing that Nolet’s gin was very smooth, I could easily have stayed there all night but food was calling!

Sliding down from the bar stool and crossing the road we went to Vergina, http://www.verginarestaurant.com/. I would say the food s fusion Italian and American cuisine done very well.

We took some time to mull over the menu over a glass of champagne and were fussed over with just the right amount of fussing. As a starter we had

Prosciutto Marscapone Pinwheel. It was made from Prosciutti di Parma, fresh basil and marscapone cheese, yummy.

And Stracciatella, it doesn’t look like much in the picture but it was lovely. made from chicken consome with just wilted baby spinach, swirled with an egg and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese it was one of the best starters I had this holiday. The chicken flavour really came through and mixed very well with the other ingredients. I did have another one of the “I must try this at home” visions when I ate it.

I felt a bit greedy with the last steak house visit in mind but could not resist a rib eye steak, served with garlic mash and herb butter, oh my!

It was even better with a lovely rounded and soft bottle of red to go with it. I normally want to stay with US wines when in the US but sometimes a bottle of French is irrisistable.

As a final touch and with not much room left we shared a tiramisu, smooth, light tasting of chocolate and coffee it was the perfect dessert after that meal.

Vergina has a bar as well as a restaurant and we had another drink and then back to Mc Cabes for just one more (having forgotten that one more is about as strong as three usual drinks) Naples was a very happy place indeed.

It is time to wave Naples and Florida goodbye, it has been a fantastic break and I am lucky to bring back some amazing memories.

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