Roast chicken with garlic sauce

As wonderful as holidays there is always a satisfaction in coming home. No matter how much lovely food I eat when I am away and no matter how tired I am when coming back I have to cook and get that sense of normality.

Today I came home with a craving for roast chicken. I had heard that the weather has not been great but it was a slight chill in the air and I think it triggered the craving for roast chicken. A quick visit to the allotment to see what had happened made me bring back for stuffing and some fresh garlic.

Rhubarb and herb stuffed chicken with garlic sauce

1 whole chicken

4 dl chicken stock

1/2 dl soy sauce

1 whole fresh garlic bulb

For the stuffing

2 rhubarb stalks

4 sage leaves

a few leaves of fresh oregano

1/2 teaspoon salt


I mixed the stock and and soy sauce and placed the roughly chopped up garlic cloves in the mix. I then placed the stuffed chicken on the roasting tray, brushed it with oil and roasted it in the oven for 30 minutes at 200C and 1 hr in 175C.

When the chicken was cooking I steamed broccoli and cauliflower and placed on a tray sprinkled with olive oil and placed under the grill until slightly crispy and I boiled potatoes. When the chicken was done I took the remains of the stock and soy sauce with the now mellowed garlic and blended it until smooth. I took the chicken and drained it and added the juices to the sauce. The garlic thickened the sauce slightly and I mashed the potato in it and it was delicious! Home sweet home, even if sad that the holiday has come to an end it is good to be home.

2 Responses to “Roast chicken with garlic sauce”
  1. k donkey says:

    why is it about roast chicken that I have to make a comment, maybe because for me it’s the best meal ever (with curried goat catching up fast), this sounds and look lovely. Even the stuffing sounds great. Hope you had a good holiday, it looked like it, but you could have brought some decent weather back with you haha lol

    • petra08 says:

      There is something about chicken that is very comforting! Maybe the way the whole house smells lovely as it is cooking, or picking your favourite piece… I wish I had brought some nice weather, saying that left just before the tropical storms hit! No such problems here!

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