Lunch with friends

The last day of the holiday we meet up with some friends for lunch, a day at the beach and a lovely dinner. The sky was grey but it was still warm and in a way nice as the sun can be so hot. They stayed on Marco Island not far from Naples. They rented a flat on the 18th floor right on the beach and it is possible to see an array of sea life. A manatee mother and baby swam by, stopped only to check out a swimmer who was quite far out and only left when he had gone back to the shore. On a clear day you can see sharks, dolphins even the stingrays are visible passing by in the water and brown pelikans, sea gulls and even a sea eagle with a freshly caught fish flew by, a little like your own private wild life parade!

We had lunch in the flat, overlooking the sea and it was a pick and mix spread, perfect for a leisurely lunch and all washed down with lovely Pimms followed by crisp white wine.

Sundried tomato

Juicy prawns

A plate full

Salmon roll with smoked cheese

And, I almost never eat them but they are so nice, crisps! I could not resist!

For dessert there was something I don’t really eat much of in the USA, cheese – yum!

After this we went to the beach, it was a little overcast but still nice and warm so a swim and before we knew it, we were all asleep and what a lovely nap! In the evening we went out for dinner and had a lovely meal at BrickTop’s Restaurant, fresh and not too large portions, it was great to spend the last day of holiday with friends!

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