Tomato soup and pork with baked apple and morcilla

I was out walking today and passed a veg mongers. They had seasonal British tomatoes that looked irresistibly red, plump and juicy. I had to buy some and go home and make tomato soup straight away!

I baked the tomatoes in the oven with onion, thyme, a small chilli and a drizzle of olive oil.

Once cooked I removed the thyme stalks and placed the tomatoes in a blender. Five tomatoes was just enough for 2 people and a very in-between meal in the afternoon.

I was thinking the other day about food I like but don’t cook very often, I guess it is so easy to get stuck cooking the same things, albeit in different ways. So today I wanted to cook pork chops, I can’t even remember when I did it last. The butcher had some lovely morcilla, a Spanish blood sausage,, so I got that as well.

I baked an apple with spices and pan fried the morcilla and put on top to go with the pork.

I also had some broccoli that I steamed and then grilled with some feta crumble on top, grilled to be just a little crispy.

I had some cabbage and it brought it all together, I should cook pork chop more often.

One Response to “Tomato soup and pork with baked apple and morcilla”
  1. Roasted tomato soup is the best, I love it and even more so with British tomatoes! Pork sounds great too.

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