Vegan hash

On my way home from work today I wanted to try some of the quorn that I bought as part of my vegan quest. I am not quite sure about all of it and this time it was “quorn frankfurters” I can imagine it being nice on a BBQ. I was so hungry I did … Continue reading


And the cauliflower was purple!

I tried to grow cauliflowers from seed this year. I have never done that before and the little seedlings grew very nicely until they were planted outside where they quite promptly died one by one. In the end I went to the garden centre and got some plants. The plants looked very strong and after … Continue reading

Tofu two ways, with salmon and in a creamy potato salad with crispy duck

I love to watch cooking programs on TV and I think perhaps one of the most used words is “versatile” about various ingredients. Using much more tofu I think this might be the only word that actually fits. Tofu is one of the most versatile ingredients I know. When I was shopping this weekend I … Continue reading

Vegan stuffed marrow with roast baby aubergines

It is amazing what difference a week of warm weather makes for the allotment. We went to see what had happened and the marrows are really taking off at last! There were more asparagus, well three spears that we picked as part of tonight’s dinner , the next set of broad beans has come through … Continue reading

Idyllic country side with a barbecue

Last weekend we went to see some friends who live in the country. Actually it is not far from London but it feels as if you have driven way out to a small village with quirky pubs and lush green landscape around you! A place to stop for a moment and enjoy life by just … Continue reading

Curry night!

There are a few things that needs to be in place for it to be a curry night. I have to be very hungry and too tired, home late or exhausted to cook in order for it to be curry night but when it is I always go down the road to my favourite curry … Continue reading

Quinoa pasta and my own Chopped challenge

Ever since the vegan challenge I have been thinking about different foods that would be possible, or not to cook. I decided to spend a lunch this week in the local health shop and see what ingredients are available for vegans. As this is a whole new area for me I bought some things at … Continue reading

The first allotment artichokes, wild boar saussage and tofu dip

Sometimes it is harder to think of something to cook on a weeknight. Sometimes I just cook from what I have at home as I don’t have time, or energy to go to the shops, but today I had wild boar and apple sausages from the butchers and the first artichokes from the allotment! A … Continue reading

Rising to a vegan challenge

The other day I was introduced to a lovely new friend, Eve. She is vegan and I instantly had loads of questions. I love fish meat and dairy so our diets are very different. Eve also specialized in sustainable food. We meet in the pub over a pub spread and I had just eyed up … Continue reading

An authentic Italian with New York inspired jazz

Last Friday night I was in the mood for a nice and chilled out dinner, some wine and just an easy night. I was torn between going out or cooking something quick but as I was going away for the weekend I thought easier to go out and headed for Il Casale on Hampton Hill … Continue reading