Poached cod for Sunday dinner and marshmallow topped berry bake

This past weekend was the last quiet weekend in a long time so I wanted to make the most of it. I didn’t want to spend the day cooking for too long but there is something special about Sunday dinners. I love to sit down by the table, eat freshly cooked food and just talk, if possible I also love to invite friends around, what better way to spend a Sunday.

This past Sunday I made poached cod with roast butternut squash, pearl barley salad and an avocado sauce.

I split the butternut squash in half and could not resist filling it with tomberries (tiny but very tasty tomatoes) and feta cheese. I used some olive oil and spices to help bring out the flavour in the butternut squash.

It was very nice cooked, the feta cheese added a little saltiness and the tomberries a slight sweet acidity.

I wanted to try another grain salad so I used pearl barley. Pearl Barley is quite nutty in flavour and I think the most “meaty” of all the grains and it worked really well with the cod and is very filling.

Whilst the pearl barley was cooking I prepared a dessert. I don’t make desserts very often but the rhubarb at the allotment looked so nice I had to make something! I had raspberries and an apple as well and placed it all in an oven proof dish with some sugar.

To poach the cod I salted water and infused it with tarragon, black peppercorns and ginger. I let it stand for about 20 minutes and then very gently poached the fillets of cod in there. The cod was line caught, quite large and tasted just perfect.

It was so flaky and melt in your mouth soft, fish when cooked right is so good! I think perhaps we have all cooked fish just a little too long and it is never as much fun when it is overcooked, or I might just be over sensitive.

I made an avocado sauce to go with the cod and barley salad when I mixed avocado with plain yoghurt, ground coriander and some hot sauce. When mixed I added diced tomato for some texture.

I meant to make rhubarb crumble but realised I didn’t have any butter at all home! With no crumble I didn’t quite know what to do and as I was in the middle of dinner I didn’t feel like running to the shop. This meant that I had to roam around the cupboards and found a bag of marshmallows and a bag of cashew nuts.
I put the marshmallows on top of the berries and fruit, and chopped the cashew nuts and sprinkled on top and baked until the marshmallows melted and the cashew nuts were slightly toasted. It worked out really well, the marshmallow melted and the soft sweetness blended with the berries and fruit and there was a slightly chewy topping, extra nice with the crunchy cashew nuts.

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