Super quick grilled cheese sandwich

Sometimes dinner has to be quick and simple. Tonight I wanted something that took less than seven minutes prep time as I had some things to do later. I went to the shop on my way home and got some cooked ham and half a pint of milk and decided to make grilled sandwiches.

I put butter and grain mustard on 4 slices of bread and placed the ham on top.

I chopped up

1 tomato, seeds removed

2 spring onions

1/4 sweet pepper

I grated a small piece of cheddar cheese (only had a small piece) and added some parmesan as well.

I brought the milk (semi skimmed) to boil and thickened it with corn starch, let it boil briefly and when it cooled slightly I added the cheese. I did this for 2 reasons, I wanted to use less cheese to make it healthier but I am also not very fond of melted cheese but making a bechamel is perfect.

I divided the chopped up veg on to the sandwiches and added the cheese sauce. On top of this I added some cracked black pepper and paprika powder and grilled in the oven until it got a bit of colour and started to bubble, then it was ready to eat. Quick, easy and a cheap weeknight dinner. This was also a nod to my friend Sus who convinced me the other day that a sandwich for dinner is great!

2 Responses to “Super quick grilled cheese sandwich”
  1. Sus says:

    Thanks for the nod my dear, I’m sure it was delicious! 🙂 I would however like to point out that the choice of bread matters greatly for the perfect grilled sandwich. 🙂 Personally I prefer multigrain bread, and I also toast it slightly before putting anything on. This means that I still can add some kind of spreading, (typically spicy sauce instead of butter!) without the bread getting soggy.

    • petra08 says:

      Hello Sus
      I shall remember your tips for the next time 🙂 I also prefer multigrain but might go for both butter and spicy sauce.

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