A seafood platter, pulled lamb and garlic marinated anchovy

I wanted to cook something special this Saturday for dinner and made a seafood platter. I went to the fishmongers, they have so much to choose from and it is hard not to get greedy. I ended up buying langoustines, peel on prawns, crab claws and a piece of salmon fillet.

The salmon was pan fried, just right

The langoustines were poached and the prawns and crab claws placed on a platter and I melted butter and added dill, parsley, chilli and garlic and poured over the seafood and served. It was yummy and I served it with bread and lots of napkins. We had a bottle of Scancerre (white) to go with it, nice and crisp and went very well with all the flavours.

This Sunday we had some friends over for lunch. We haven’t seen them in ages and it was so lovely to have a whole afternoon to catch up. I wasn’t sure of what the weather had in mind but in the end it seemed to remain a bit on the colder side and I decided to make pulled lamb, it is a nice dish to share, placed in the middle of the table everyone just helps themselves.

When I was at the fishmongers they had garlic marinated anchovy and I got some for us to snack on as a starter for Sunday lunch and having tasted them I realised I should have bought lots more, they were just delicious and I could have eaten a bunch more!

For starter I made smoked mackerel spread, inspired from smoked fish spread that so many US restaurants had on their menu.

Smoked Mackerel spread (4 people)
1 smoked mackerel
3 chopped spring onions
Dill, chopped
Parsley, chopped
4 heaped tbsp light crème fraiche (3%)
Salt & pepper to taste
1/2 softboiled quails egg

Take the bones out of the mackerel and flake the flesh gently in a bowl. Add the other ingredients and gently mix it all up, an hour in advance if possible and let the flavours blend, then serve with toast. It was even better with a cold, white Rioja.

I roasted veg and served with the lamb. The lamb was slow roasted and so soft I used two forks to pull the meat apart.

When I pulled the lamb I added red wine and chocolate reduction and mixed with the meat and it added a depth of flavour. It worked really well and we ate it with roast veg. We ate it with a few bottles of a lovely red Sangiovese from Italy.

After that we had cheese and fruit, lingering at the table whilst taking turns keeping an eye on the Wimbledon final. In the end we all moved to the sofa to watched the end of the game having another glass of wine. Despite our cheering on Murray he lost but it was a lovely Sunday!

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