Beautiful Coolea cheese and disappointing “caviar”

A while back I encountered Coolea cheese, it was presented together with whisky as a tasting combination. It was very nice together, it was a nice whisky but the Coolea cheese was the clear winner! Today I was a little early for a meeting in Covent Garden and had time to pop in to Neil’s Yard Cheese shop, a Mecca for every cheese lover and of course they had Coolea! I already had cheese left over at home so no need to get shopping even if I gladly could have spent a small fortune in there!

The cheese is 100% cows milk made in Coolea Co. Cork and all cheeses are hand made! It is mild but still full of flavour. For more information, here is their website If I am ever nearby I will make sure to go there and hopefully I can get a tour! I would say it is sort of like the Irish equivalent of the French Comté but not quite as nutty.

Once home of course I couldn’t wait and decided on a pick and mix snack for dinner. It was a little bit of an eclectic mix as I just raided the fridge but I came up with

Egg with caviar, or so I thought. As a Swede it has always been great to head to IKEA’s food store to top the essentials, pickle herring, caviar, not the expensive version, cinnamon rolls, ginger bread cookies but last time I went I found, to my horror, that IKEA has exchanged all the original brands with IKEA branded food! It looked almost the same so I bought a jar of the caviar and some pickle herring. Today I opened the caviar and somehow it didn’t quite taste right so I did what I should have done in the shop, read what was in it and much to my surprise it was seaweed extract! Sorry IKEA, bring back the “real” foods and focus on interiors please. I like most foods but their own brand pickle herring wasn’t very nice either.

I had some parma ham and you can see the Coolea cheese next to it, I couldn’t make a great pic on it’s own, if only I could photograph flavours!

Last but not least I had a fresh pineapple that I love to eat with cayenne pepper and salt. It doesn’t quite go with the cheese, or the parma ham so I divided the food up, egg first, then cheese and ham and last the pineapple!

Besides the IKEA “caviar” it was a disjointed but nice dinner snack!


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