An authentic Italian with New York inspired jazz

Last Friday night I was in the mood for a nice and chilled out dinner, some wine and just an easy night. I was torn between going out or cooking something quick but as I was going away for the weekend I thought easier to go out and headed for Il Casale on Hampton Hill High street.

They opened a while back, before they came it has always been an Italian for as long as I can remember but it has never quite taken off. When they opened we wanted to try it and this time it was done just right. The food is authentic Italian. The wine list has a very reasonably priced list of smooth Italian wines and the service is always lovely and makes you feel like an old friend!

We started with some olives to get the appetite going whilst sipping on our Nero D’Avola, with the weather so cold and grey I am more keen on red than white wine.

Insalata tricolore to start with

For mains we choose a Penne with veal ragu, the pasta just al dente and the ragu worked very well.

And a Carbonara, I know cream is not part of a true Italian carbonara but it is so nice! The pancetta was smoky and crispy and I did push all of my thoughts about calories and cholesterol to the back of my mind and enjoyed every single bit of it!

It was just what I needed to wind down, drinking great wine, eating lovely pasta to live, soft jazz tunes in the background. A small limoncello rounded off the meal and a walk in the park (just before the rain) made it a great Friday night.

2 Responses to “An authentic Italian with New York inspired jazz”
  1. What a nice meal! The Carbonara is one of my favourite…and yes sometimes I add cream too…! Rita aka ritacooksitalian

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