Rising to a vegan challenge

The other day I was introduced to a lovely new friend, Eve. She is vegan and I instantly had loads of questions. I love fish meat and dairy so our diets are very different. Eve also specialized in sustainable food. We meet in the pub over a pub spread and I had just eyed up a mini pork pie but left it and tucked in to some fruit instead. This is probably why I felt better this morning!

It was suggested that I should write a vegan blog post. At first I was puzzled to try and think of what to do, Eve gave me a piece of a No-Muh vegan cheese and a box of dates. Curious to see what I can do with this I accepted the challenge, how could I not?!

No-Muh vegan cheese

As an avid cheese lover I have to admit I didn’t even know that vegan cheese existed and could not wait to try it. It is really nice, a little salty and brought a lot of flavour to my wild rice salad. I will definetley buy it again and use it for cooking.

Wild rice salad (2 portions)

2 dl wild rice
3½ dl boiling water
½ veg stock cube
1 celery stalk, cut up
1 chopped up clove of garlic
1 small courgette
1 carrot, cubed
2 spring onions, chopped up
3 slices of no-muh cheese, cubed
Physalais, quatered
½ pack cubed firm silken tofu

Sweet chili sauce
Soy sauce
Rice vinegar

I boiled the rice for 25 minutes with the veg stock cube, celery and garlic.
I then added the courgette, chopped in to larger chunks on top to steam it whilst the rice was cooking for an additional 15 minutes.

I mixed the inredients to the marinade and poured over the cubed tofu that I had placed in a bowl and let stand until last minute.

When the rice was done I let it cool slightly and then gently added the ingredients, the tofu with the marinate last and made sure it was all mixed.

I added chopped chives and chive flowers and it was a very nice, vegan dinner. Healthy and light but full of flavour. The wild rice is nutty and is a little chewy, it provides the perfect base for a salad.
The no-muh cheese added a pleasant saltiness and the tofu more body to the salad. It was very interesting and I will make an effort to have if not vegan, at least a vegetarian night a week. As I learn more about vegan food I am sure I will cook more of it.

Wild rice salad with no-muh cheese and tofu

I didn’t use the dates but will think of something where I can use both the dates and the cheese as my next challenge.

8 Responses to “Rising to a vegan challenge”
  1. Aseem says:

    For the dates, I suggest blending them with cocoa powder, coconut cream, some desicated coconut flakes and agave syrup to taste. Then put it in the freezer freezer for a few hours. There you have it, delicious, healthy,. creamy vegan chocolate ice-cream!!

  2. Catherine says:

    It may be a challenge at first, but overtime (soon enough 🙂 ) you will realize that you can do without meat/dairy/eggs and will not miss it at all! There are also tons of resources out there with recipes. It’s the best thing in the world…and you will feel good inside and out! Have fun with it and enjoy! ❤

    -A friend of Eve's 🙂

    • petra08 says:

      hello Catherine

      it is a challenge but what a fun one! I will for sure make an effort to cook more vegan food! 🙂

  3. Peter Johnson says:

    I love vegusto! I love animals!
    I love being vegan!
    I think you’re doing the right thing!
    Keep on going all the way!
    I think your friend eVe is wonderful…I think I love her too!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Peter

      Glad you like it, it worked out really well. I will have a think and next time do something more sophisticated, give me a little time!

  4. Great challenge to rise to, Petra! I have a few vegetarian and vegan friends. I can cook something exciting for vegetarians, but I find very difficult to cook interesting dishes for vegans. I am pleased to see your colourful vegan wild rice. I didn’t know about “vegan cheeses”…. Rita aka ritacooksitalian

    • petra08 says:

      hi Rita

      I know, I could cook vegetarian but vegan is so different. So much to think about but am not sure I could ever live without cheese! 🙂

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