The first allotment artichokes, wild boar saussage and tofu dip

Sometimes it is harder to think of something to cook on a weeknight. Sometimes I just cook from what I have at home as I don’t have time, or energy to go to the shops, but today I had wild boar and apple sausages from the butchers and the first artichokes from the allotment!

A lot of the vegetables have rained away, the garlic was fine but the onions had a harder time and a lot of things that grew so easily last year seems to be very slow of not take off at all. There are no radishes, only one row of beetroots instead of four and so on. The cold weather, the seemingly never ending rain and the small amount of bees has caused some havoc. A little bit disappointing but I appreciate the veg that has grown even more and was delighted to see lots of artichokes!

I also had some tofu left over from yesterday that I wanted to use and thought I would bring all together with a dressed salad. A long time ago a friend used to make us a quick dinner with frankfurters and a dressed green pea salad. It was super easy and basically she dressed the green peas with mayo and then served it with toast. It was really nice and it came to mind but I wanted to make a healthier version.

Whilst the artichokes were cooking (for 25 minutes) I put the sausages in the oven to cook. I then defrosted the peas and started on the dressing.

Tofu dressing

•1/2 pack of firm silken tofu
•2 tbsp light creme fraiche (3%)
•1 tbsp natural yogurt (2%)
•1 crushed clove of garlic
•1 tsp of hot sauce

Place it all in the blender, it will do wonders to the tofu, it changes and becomes rich and creamy. If the dressing is too thick add some water. Once blended add a little salt and pepper to taste. I also added 2 chopped salad onions and mixed it with the green peas, a small can of drained sweetcorn and 1 chopped up stalk of celery. if you ever wonder why I use celery so often it is because for years and years I couldn’t stand the flavour, or even smell. One day, not long ago, I woke up and decided to try it, it seems my taste buds has changed and now I use it all the time!

Dressed salad

The artichokes and sausages were ready at the same time and dinner was ready in less than 30 minutes. The tofu dressing worked really well and brought the ingredients together. I had set a little of the dressing to the side and we used this to dip the artichokes in, so much better than the usual butter and salt!

Wild boar and apple sausage

Allotment grown artichokes

4 Responses to “The first allotment artichokes, wild boar saussage and tofu dip”
  1. I love your artichokes! I have noticed that there are many artichokes in the allotment field, I was wondering if they were good or not. Good tip about placing the tofu in the blender. Rita aka ritacooksitalian

    • petra08 says:


      I am sure they are nice! And there are so many! Lots of allotment holders don’t actually eat them but taking one home, cooking it straight away is just so much better than the shop bought ones!

  2. Eve says:

    Do artichokes grow easily? I cook them and dip in vegan garlic mayo and eat it just like that. Absolutely um! =)

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