Curry night!

There are a few things that needs to be in place for it to be a curry night. I have to be very hungry and too tired, home late or exhausted to cook in order for it to be curry night but when it is I always go down the road to my favourite curry house, Minar where they serve a great curry.

This time we started with some popadoms and a pint of Kingfisher

After that we had a Tikka grilled starter, fresh and with the grilled flavour coming through.

For mains we had
Lamb Bhuna, the lamb is perfectly cooked, tender, fall apart meat in a rich sauce

Mattar paneer, paneer cheese and green peas in a delicious sauce

Prawn Rogan, just spicy enough, full of fresh tomato and juicy prawns

I very rarely order the same curry twice as they are all nice and the selection is very large but as a side I almost always order the Mattar Paneer! One day I will figure out how they make the sauce!

2 Responses to “Curry night!”
  1. What a good local curry house! I moved to Barnet two months ago and on the first night we bought a curry meal to our local curry house. It was awful, I will remeber my first night in Barnet for ever!! I love Paneer too, but like you I do not cook it at home. Rita aka ritacooksitalian

    • petra08 says:

      hi Rita

      oh a bad curry is just awful, I completely agree with you! We have a few around but this is amazing. Just went to some friends and they did a BBQ steak with a paneer salad, it was great (blog to come), quite a cool cheese 🙂


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