Idyllic country side with a barbecue

Last weekend we went to see some friends who live in the country. Actually it is not far from London but it feels as if you have driven way out to a small village with quirky pubs and lush green landscape around you! A place to stop for a moment and enjoy life by just being and breathe fresh air.

In celebration of our arrival the sun came out as well and after this rainy summer it felt great. Our hosts had prepared a barbecue, the first one of the year for me. The meat came from their local butcher and was rump steak perfectly grilled! We started out with cool rose wine in the garden enjoying the views, it was so relaxed and easy to sit back and have a laugh.

The meal was simple and delicious, perfect for a summers evening and it also had one of my new favourites, paneer cheese. It had a generous sprinkle of sesame seeds and pepper before hitting the frying pan where they were fried golden and added to the salad.

The salad

The table was set in their beautiful kitchen whilst the steak was sizzling on the grill

Once the meat was ready to rest the naan breads went on to be warmed through and to get that nice charred flavour.

Resting steak

Naan bread

A last hand went to the sauce that had spices from India and it wasn’t hot but had tons of flavour, I had to take a picture of it!

When the meat was rested it was carved in to strips and we all tucked in

For dessert we had a tiramisu inspired dish served in espresso cups, a lovely way to end the meal!

After dinner we went outside, there was a firepit as well, moved closer to the sofas and a few more bottles of wine later it was time to go to bed and I fell asleep smiling after an evening with good friends, good food and good wine, thank you!

2 Responses to “Idyllic country side with a barbecue”
  1. This bbq looks delicious, accompanied by flavors of Indian cuisine. I love the dessert too, of course!!! Rita aka ritacooksitalian

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