Tofu two ways, with salmon and in a creamy potato salad with crispy duck

I love to watch cooking programs on TV and I think perhaps one of the most used words is “versatile” about various ingredients. Using much more tofu I think this might be the only word that actually fits. Tofu is one of the most versatile ingredients I know.

When I was shopping this weekend I could not decide between salmon or duck so I decided to cook both, salmon as a starter and duck for mains. I wanted to keep it quite light and I also wanted to use tofu. One pack is quite much so I used it for the main course and the starter. It takes on flavour in interesting ways and I am still very much in very early stages of learning.

I poached the salmon and flaked the meat gently. To go with it I made a tofu & avocado sauce that also served as the base for the potato salad.

Tofu & avocado sauce

• 1 pack of firm silken tofu
• 1 ripe avocado
• 4 heaped tbsp of natural yogurt (I used 2% fat)
• 4 heaped tbsp creme fraiche (I used 3% fat)
• 1 garlic clove, crushed
• 1 – 2 tsp hot sauce

Place it all in the blender and add salt and pepper to taste.

I set some aside for the starter and used the rest for the potato salad.

I served the starter with ribbons of courgette that I had steamed for 2 minutes, just enough to make them soft.

The duck legs were slow cooked in the oven with rosemary

For the potato salad I used:

• new potatoes, about 4 pp (depending on size), boiled, peeled and cubed
• 3 salad onions, sliced
• steamed green beans, or any other green veg you like
• 1 hard boiled chopped egg
• salt and pepper to taste

I placed the still warm potato cubes and the rest of the ingredients in a bowl, added the rest of the tofu sauce, mixed everything gently and set aside for the flavours to set a little before serving.

The duck came out really nice, it is sort of a lower fat version of crispy duck, I only drizzle a little olive oil over the duck, add salt and pepper and cook them for at least 2 hours on a bed of rosemary. The skin gets really crispy and the meat still tender.

To cut through the richness of the duck I did a hot and sour salad that also added added some crunch.

As it was a lovely summers day we had some rose, Wolf to go with it, it works on it’s own, with meat or fish, a very versatile wine!

For dessert I did my own version of Eaton Mess but I added too much raspberry sauce and it looked more like a raspberry sauce covered glob so no pics but it was very nice. I used meringues, whipped cream, a small amount of salted caramel sauce, blueberries and raspberry coulis, it didn’t have the looks but it tasted lovely. I would have tried some tofu in the dessert as well but had run out, next time!

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