And the cauliflower was purple!

I tried to grow cauliflowers from seed this year. I have never done that before and the little seedlings grew very nicely until they were planted outside where they quite promptly died one by one. In the end I went to the garden centre and got some plants. The plants looked very strong and after the past week of sunshine and hot weather they just seemed to take off. I was delighted but slightly surprised to find that I had bought purple cauliflower plants!

It looks really pretty and it tastes lovely. I had bought a rack of lamb for dinner and wanted something light to go with it. The purple cauliflower was perfect and I picked the first head.

I needed some more veg and did a slice of marrow each, I filled the middle with veg I found in the fridge, carrot, celery, spring onion,tomato and pepper and baked it.

I pan fried some paneer cheese and made some avocado based sauce to go with the lamb and it was a quite light and lovely dinner.

4 Responses to “And the cauliflower was purple!”
  1. Magda says:

    Lovely colours P!

  2. Gosh, how unusual Petra. It almost doesn’t look real. Reminds me of a trip I took to the flowere market recently where there were vibrant blue roses. All natural. How does the taste compare to regular green broccoli?

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