Vegan hash

On my way home from work today I wanted to try some of the quorn that I bought as part of my vegan quest. I am not quite sure about all of it and this time it was “quorn frankfurters” I can imagine it being nice on a BBQ. I was so hungry I did a mental take on what I had at home and if I needed to buy anything, luckily I could go straight home and had my heart set on vegan hash.

To go with the hash I wanted to make a tomato based sauce, I placed tomatoes, core cut out, in a roasting pan with thyme, a chopped onion, garlic cloves and a chopped up chili. I did a drizzle with olive oil, added some honey and salt and pepper and roasted at the same time as the hash. After 40 minutes I placed it all in a blender and the tomato sauce was ready! It was super easy and I bottled the rest.

Vegan hash – all veg chopped in cubes to about the same size Oven 180C

butternut squash
garlic cloves

I placed all the veg in a plastic bag
I mixed rapeseed oil with the juice of a lemon and spices, salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, a little BBQ spice and some ground celery seeds and poured about 2/3 over the veg. I added some air to the plastic bag and shook it around until everything was mixed, poured it on a tray and placed it in the oven for 40 minutes.

Whilst that was in I chopped up

vegan frankfurters
the remains of the purple cauliflower
no-muh cheese
I added the veg to the same plastic bag I used for the first lot of veg, poured the remaining spiced oil and shook to mix and let the oil and spices coat the veg. After 20 minutes of cooking I added the last batch to the veg cooking in the oven and 20 minutes later the house smelled wonderful and it was time to tuck in!

I have to confess that I love proper meat frankfurters but this was just as satisfying and I will cook it again. Maybe I am getting the hang of vegan food even if there is still a lot to learn!

4 Responses to “Vegan hash”
  1. k donkey says:

    This looks lovely, fresh and wonderfully healthy, making me very hungry

    • petra08 says:

      🙂 it does make me feel tons better I have to admit and I bought some more unknown vegan ingredients yesterday so will have another go this weekend!

  2. Eve says:

    Wow, homely and satisfying vegan hash recipe! Way to go, P!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Eve

      thanks 🙂 I went to the health shop again so watch this space, a lot of unknown ingredients to be merged in to a dish! Thanks for the challenge, it is great fun

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