Beautiful dim sum in Soho

Last Friday I decided to take a day off and spend it with a friend. It was a proper girlie day with some shopping (failed miserable but had a good time), a nice long lunch and perhaps a drink afterwards. It was a great plan. We never made it to a second shop, starving we … Continue reading

Healthy stir fry prawns and salmon with lemon sauce

After quite a meat heavy weekend I wanted to eat some fish. I love fish and seafood in general but regarding fish I have three clear favourites, salmon, cod and mackerel. My problem with mackerel is that it has to be super fresh and I find it normally isn’t, therefore I tend to avoid it. … Continue reading

Toasted Cobb nut stuffed Lambs Belly with veg bake

After my lamb crackling adventure I have been trying to think of other ways to cook it and I read a recipe with lamb belly comfit. I didn’t want to buy goose fat or beef dripping but decided to use olive oil instead. I asked the butcher to remove the bones and trim the belly … Continue reading

Parmesan crusted pork and low GI veg studded wild rice

When I got home I stuck my head out to check on the tomatoes. From having looked a little sad they have really taken off lately and there are plenty of tomatoes coming, there is almost some to pick every day. Today was no difference and I got a nice handful. After a quick check … Continue reading

20 hours in Glasgow and a Scottish breakfast

I do some travel for work and sometimes the flights and my meeting times don’t quite match. This week I had a meeting and it worked out easier to head up the night before. I arrived at the hotel at about 9.45 PM and was absolutely starving. I stayed at the Crown Plaza and decided … Continue reading

Chorizo and Savoy cabbage with mushroom mash

I find it hard sometimes to cook on weekdays. When I come home I am usually very hungry, often not in the mood to go shopping so am cooking from what I can find at home, also if it is fast that is an added bonus. Today I had chorizo picante at home, it is … Continue reading

Marmite roast chicken with Bulgur Wheat stuffing

When I have time I sometimes just can’t resist a roast chicken, it is such perfect weekend food (Sunday dinner). It is lovely to tuck in to but equally nice with all the left overs, making for at least one more meal if not more! I like marmite, not too much but every now and … Continue reading

Goan Xacutti Curry (vegan)

The summer has finally arrived with some truly hot weather! The veg at the allotment is taking off and it is finally looking more like it used to than ever before this year and the produce is coming through. No matter how much we try, everything seems to be coming through at the same time … Continue reading

Fire festival in Covent Garden

Last Friday I went to Covent Garden and there was a food market. It was a hot day and it got even hotter by all the BBQ’s going but it was worth it! The first stall I noticed was delicious smells from an Iranian BBQ. Beef skewers Chicken skewers How did I know it was … Continue reading

Fast food – salmon with Asian flavours

Sometimes it is so satisfying to create a complicated dish, mulling over the ingredients and the cooking technique for ages and then bring it all together. Sometimes it is equally satisfying to pull one of your favourite recipe out and cook something quick, easy and you just know it the result will be nice. I … Continue reading