Serious growing at the allotment

Rain makes everything grow but like so many other things, too much can have the opposite effect. The allotment has almost been waterlogged at times this summer and the cold weather didn’t help. Lots of seeds didn’t come up at all, some came up to simply vanish. The slugs are thriving and eating their way through quite a lot and on top of this a mole seems to be roaming around digging up some of the few veg and seeds that have come up! However it is not too late and the heat wave has boosted a lot of growing.

The sweet corn looks very strong but I can’t see as many cobs on them as usual. I am watching the ones we have like a hawk but there won’t be any extra for the freezer this year!

The artichokes seem to flourish and there is quite a large crop! We already had a few but there are more coming. Last year there were more and I pickled some but I don’t think there is enough this year.

The courgettes are doing very well! Each plant usually produce lots of courgettes and I can pick some courgette flowers but there are fewer this year so I didn’t take any hoping to boost the crop.

I tried some round courgettes this year and I did find one, small but perfect on the plant! I hope there will be more.

Last but not least it seems that the marrow is doing really well. It is one of the most underrated veg in my opinion and I love them especially when they are getting large. Last year I did marrow jam and that was very nice, I loved the smooth texture. For eating marrow fresh I love it baked or simply steamed. It is super lean, filling and it adds taste and texture to any meal.

There are a few beetroots and we planted some more seeds, hopefully there will be enough to pickle for the winter. I can also see some tiny signs of turnip and even radishes, fingers crossed as there is still a lot left of the growing season.

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