BBQ with lots of veg and one of the best desserts ever

It is a lovely weekend! Sunny and warm and just gorgeous! Early this summer we decided to get a new BBQ, the old one was promptly taken apart and placed in the pile of junk going to the tip (at some point). We never did buy a new one and of course it is quite late so this evening we bought a disposable BBQ as it is too nice to stay inside.

We have a friend staying, Lina and after a discussion we went to the butchers and got some meat, chicken breasts, smoked back bacon and some chipolatas, all for the BBQ. As soon as home we did a marinade for the chicken.
I love barbecued veg as well and started to prepare. We got some cauliflower from the allotment that we steamed.

I could not resist pan frying some paneer cheese and served it with sweet chili sauce.

Feta cheese stuffed peppers, I had a little stuffing left over and stuffed some mushrooms as well.

• ½ pack feta cheese
• 2 spring onions finely chopped
• 4 cocktail tomatoes, 2 red 2 yellow
• 2 tbsp cheese curd
• Salt
• Pepper

Lina did kebabs of mushrooms and nectarines that we brushed with soy and honey just before placed on the BBQ.

I also did corn on the cob, one of my BBQ favourites, eaten with some butter and sea salt.

We ate it all with taziki. I usually eat too much meat when we BBQ but I am glad I did all the veg and made it a bit lighter. It was even better with a bottle of cold Wolf Rose.

I don’t eat dessert very often (probably because I eat too much before getting to it!), but I saw a jar of Marshmallow Fluff the other day and just had to buy it.

I also bought Fizz Whiz popping candy (just so much fun) and decided to make a dessert. Well, saying this Lina and myself had a bit of a think about it together and came up with what was one of the best desserts I have ever eaten! We settled on a Lemon Curd base, the marshmallow fluff, crispy oat crumble and a sprinkle of popping candy, delicious!

It was a great BBQ. Still not sure we will buy a new BBQ this year but will be more organised next year for sure!

2 Responses to “BBQ with lots of veg and one of the best desserts ever”
  1. Eve says:

    Wow! Was that a rehearsal for Sunday’s BBQ, P?

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