Chorizo and Savoy cabbage with mushroom mash

I find it hard sometimes to cook on weekdays. When I come home I am usually very hungry, often not in the mood to go shopping so am cooking from what I can find at home, also if it is fast that is an added bonus.

Today I had chorizo picante at home, it is typically one of the staple foods I love to have at hand, the chorizo brings lots of flavour and is easy to cook. I had some potato and decided to make chorizo with savoy cabbage and mushroom mash. I had a box of lovely chestnut mushrooms that I wanted to use. I also had some blue cauliflower that I also made in to mash on the side, the blue did not come out quite as nice as the colour when raw but it tasted great.

I cut up some veg, the usual suspects as a base, celery, carrot, I had some leek and spring onion and the savoy cabbage. I boiled the potato for mash in stock, precooked the mushrooms and steamed the cauliflower.

I also chopped up the chorizo.

I pan fried the chorizo and when it started to brown and release it’s highly flavoured fat I added the remaining veg (except the spring onions).

When it got some colour I added the savoy cabbage, water and crème fraiche to thicken. The dish doesn’t need a lot of spices but taste just to make sure.

Once the potato were soft I mashed them with mainly, the stock, added a knob of butter and some crème fraiche and then the cooked mushrooms. It made a light and quite healthy mash. The cauliflower was also mashed and I added a knob of butter, some milk and crème fraiche and a few drops of white truffle oil.

There were lots of veg and made for a great weeknight meal, maybe it created a little too much dishes but it was worth it!

Some of the images are taken by Lina Wahlgren.

4 Responses to “Chorizo and Savoy cabbage with mushroom mash”
  1. This is very funny: I’ve cooked the same side dish Monday evening! But no creme fraiche and no TRUFFLE OIL (I wish I had some, I use to have a tiny bottle…..). The perfect way to use all your vegetables left in your fridge.

  2. Kdonkey says:

    I am a big fan of chorizo and have some left over, after making my spanish chicken and chorizo and I was wondering what to do with it, now I know. Thanks….

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