20 hours in Glasgow and a Scottish breakfast

I do some travel for work and sometimes the flights and my meeting times don’t quite match. This week I had a meeting and it worked out easier to head up the night before. I arrived at the hotel at about 9.45 PM and was absolutely starving. I stayed at the Crown Plaza and decided to order room service as there was still some work to do.

I ordered a soup/sandwich combo with a glass of wine to accompany. The soup was ok but the sandwich was great, it was all wolfed down in no time, the work got done and then I watched a movie (can’t even remember what it was now so clearly it didn’t make an impact!).

It was quite a light dinner and I didn’t have a large lunch so by morning I was starving. I went downstairs to get the hotel breakfast expecting the usual suspects. Some hotel breakfasts are great but some have a slightly more tired feel to them and seem to lack inspiration. This breakfast was one of the great ones. I am not sure if I have ever seen so much cooked food and it all looked fresh and very edible!

I could not help giggle a little to myself seeing the haggis. I love haggis but I am not sure I could do it before lunchtime! Still, for the ones with the big appetite why not?

Ended up choosing vegetarian options but this was only as I had a meeting quite soon after and needed to be on top form and avoid any kind of “food coma”! I had scramble eggs, cottage cheese, fresh fruits, a fried egg, hash brown, mushrooms and cooked tomato. It was delicious and the perfect way to start the day!

If you are around and feel like breakfast, for leisure or business I really recommend this place! The staff was lovely and had I been there on holiday I would have lingered over breakfast for longer! In this case as I was finishing my coffee the phone went, the day had started so back for some more work and time to get going but I will come back. It is a perfect hotel for business trips.

The meeting was good and I headed to Glasgow airport just in time for a late lunch. Can’t believe it but I was starving again, and quite unusually for me, I had a carb craving. I headed to Frankie & Benny’s for a pizza. Looking at the menu it had to be a pizza and this time I had an American Hot, the chillies were fresh and had a really nice bite.

I also could not, in true American style, resist a bowl of coleslaw, just to make the meal truly unhealthy!

And the coleslaw went on top of the pizza, loaded with carbs and fat and oh so very satisfying.

When it was time to board there was the whole Cuban Para Olympian team! I did sneak peak but didn’t get the camera out but when we landed they had a welcome committee waiting for them that cheered a little even for me as I got off the plane and it was one of the the nicest welcome back I have ever had!

That was my 20 “food” hours in Glasgow, next time I will make some time to actually have a look around the city as the only thing I did see was the airport, the hotel and the inside of a meeting room!

Almost bank holiday weekend and plenty of time to think about food but some healthy, vegan food coming up, it is all about the balance!

6 Responses to “20 hours in Glasgow and a Scottish breakfast”
  1. Pity you didn’t try the haggis with your breakfast, it’s fantastic. Maybe next time 😉

  2. You certainly crammed a lot in! I’ve never had cottage cheese with breakfast but I love it so I should give it a try!

    • petra08 says:

      hi 🙂

      Cottage cheese is great with scramble eggs, or in scramble eggs! 🙂 it also makes it a little lighter

  3. Glasgow is my home town – travelling up there in Sept. Cannot wait 🙂 The Scottish breakfast is quite famous but I have truly never heard of it being served with cottage cheese. Very novel 🙂

    • petra08 says:

      hi Jacqueline

      The cottage cheese might not have been to be mixed but it goes so well with scramble eggs! 🙂

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