Beautiful dim sum in Soho

Last Friday I decided to take a day off and spend it with a friend. It was a proper girlie day with some shopping (failed miserable but had a good time), a nice long lunch and perhaps a drink afterwards. It was a great plan.

We never made it to a second shop, starving we headed to one of my absolute favourite dim sum restaurants in London, Yauatcha. It is in SOHO on Broadwick Street, They don’t only have excellent dim sum but also the most wonderful pastry! I would be very happy if any dessert attempt I ever made came out looking half as good, they are a work of art and worth a visit on it’s own.

We bypassed the fab looking cocktails and opted for a bottle of Pink Floyd, Chateau Miraval 2011, very crisp and perfect with the different dim sum we had.

We started with the possibly prettiest dim sum ever, Chicken Shui Mei (at least I am quite sure this was the one), steamed to perfection and each bite was a pleasure.

For veg we had baby bok choy with oyster sauce, garlic and chilli.

The Guilini seafood wrap was a little parcel filled with prawn and scallop.

My favourite dish is the Congee with pork and preserved egg. Congee is a type of rice porridge. It tastes like a mix between a porridge and soup and is light but filling at the same time. I could come here for this alone, but I would be missing out!

We had sweet potato and mushroom Mei Si, each bite provided the crispy outside against the soft inside!

We also had fried dumplings, I am actually not quite sure what was in them as I didn’t order them, my friend did, and we had now also decided to have some sake in addition to the wine. But they were very nice!

It might sound like a lot of food but each dish is only tiny and in the end we decided to go for dessert as well. At first we thought about sharing but opted against it and it was a good thing! All the food is exquisite but the desserts are in another league, kind of perfection on a plate! I am almost always too full to appreciate a dessert so it feels really indulgent for me, perfect for the day out! I had jasmine honey, made of milk chocolate, caramelised honey and almond. My friend went for Cassis Chocolate, made of chocolate, violet and blackcurrant. And yes they tasted just as good if not better than they looked!

After this fantastic girlie lunch we walked around the corner to Fernanez & Wells on Lexington Street. I love the atmosphere and you get some of the best Jamon Iberico there. We had some more wine and eventually nibbled on some of the ham and Manchego cheese with lightly toasted, thinly sliced bread, very nice.

Still chatting we headed for trains and tubes. The day went way too fast and next time we might try and make it to at least two or three shops! What a great day!

8 Responses to “Beautiful dim sum in Soho”
  1. I write this name down. I LOVE dim sum and unfortunately, I had a few bad experience in Soho!! these pictures are fantastic, the cakes are sculptures!! Is very expensive??

    • petra08 says:

      hi Rita

      this is one of the best! And the food is always amazing, or I have never had anything that I didn’t love. It is reasonable and oh, leave a little room for the desserts! When you get there they are all on dislay so have a browse, part of the experience, lovely staff as well!

  2. Kdonkey says:

    it looked define and sounded very tasty. Those desserts look almost like a work of art. I am going into town tomorrow and will try and convince my other half to give it a go.

    • petra08 says:

      I would always recommend it! You can buy the desserts as take away as well if you are in a hurry but the dim sums are well worth it!

  3. Kdonkey says:

    I’ve just checked out the website, which looks very good, but was disappointed to not see any prices on the menu. 😦

  4. Ghornigold says:

    Lovely words, and great to know we have fans, new petit gateaux are in, please come and try

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