Food for body and mind – lamb pot au feu

I have a friend who comes to visit me once a year. She leaves family and all the every day obligations behind and we spend our time catching up on life in general and as she is also a foodie, talk about and make food. We are both cooks but come from different angles. I … Continue reading

Chickpea and goats cheese veg stew

After quite a lot of food this weekend I felt the need for something healthy. I went to the shop to buy spinach, they didn’t have any so I got a bag of watercress, spinach and rocket leaves.  I decided to do a veg stew based on chickpeas, paneer cheese and the greens. I wanted … Continue reading

Saussage, partridge bubble & squeak and pickle onion tomato salad

Sometimes I am so easily distracted from what I was after when I go shopping. Most of the times I feel quite well organized and it is not that often I add more things than planned in my shopping basket, but this said it doesn’t apply all the time! I love to browse when I … Continue reading

Roast lamb with liquorice root and coca cola

A few days ago I read an article about venison and the chef used liquorice root. It wasn’t a recipe more just thoughts and ways he used it.  I was really excited when I found some in my local health food shop and bought a bag for today’s lamb that I bought yesterday at my … Continue reading

Paneer curry hot pot and blackberry picking

I had quite a productive weekend. I was very excited when I discovered ripe blackberries! There are lots still to come and it is in the sunny spots that they are ripe. We picked a big bowl of gorgeous blackberries. On the way home we checked on the apples, almost ripe and some pears, not … Continue reading

Roast pork with crackling & pickle veg

As much as I love to be away it is always nice yo come home! Perhaps one of the greatest things to do at this time of the year is to go to the allotment and see what has come up and not! This time the butternut squashes have come through. It is one of … Continue reading

A dinner with Nordic flavours, Cod, Foraged chantarelles and lingonberry beurre blanc

September is a lovely month, autumn is arriving and it is time to head out in to the woods and pick everything that is ready to be harvested. I was in Sweden for the weekend and wanted to cook a dinner with Nordic seasonal flavours. I love to eat fish and seafood when I am … Continue reading

Egg fried hash

A friend of mine was talking about eggs the other day and ever since I have been thinking about eggs! I haven’t been home much this week so tonight I thought I would make something egg inspired. I had given eggs quite some thought and would most likely have been happy with an egg cooked … Continue reading

Raw beetroot soup and baked tofu

With the tomato plants producing ripe tomatoes faster than we can eat them, I wanted to find ways to make them last. After some searching I came across tomato powder on the Foods For Long Life. I don’t have a dehydrator but it works just as well in the oven and it has bags of … Continue reading

Chinese pork tenderloin with wild rice and baked courgette

The warm weather has made a lot of the veg grow and some that we would normally be eating by now has only recently taken off. It has been a strange year for growing but there are now some lovely bean flowers. It seems I might get my first ever goji berries! I picked some … Continue reading