Burger for lunch and Vegan for dinner, it is about balance!

Sometimes life is about balance. Not long ago a friend introduced me to a new restaurant, Burger & Lobster, in Mayfair. As the name mentions, this place only serves burgers or lobster. There are three alternatives to choose from, a 10oz beef burger, a whole lobster or a lobster roll

All served with a side salad and chips/fries. It has a slight American feel to it and it is just so well done. Well, the first time I went there I opted for lobster but as my friend tucked in to a burger and I did get food envy. This must have been written all over my face as he did give me some of his burger. This actually only confirmed that next time, I will have my own burger.

Yesterday I had a lunch meeting at Burger and Lobster, at their fairly newly opened branch on Dean Street in Soho. I did get my own burger, cooked to perfection, I hardly made a dent in the chips or the side salad but they were nice as well.

Afterwards I did feel as if I really should opt for something nice and light in the evening so I popped in to Whole Foods on the way back and picked up some tofu and tortilla wraps.

This was a perfect decision. I came home a little late and wanted something quick and easy. I started by slicing and cooking the mushrooms.

Whilst they cooked I chopped and sliced the other ingredients


Red pepper



Leek, I used this instead of onions as it is a little milder

I cubed and pan fried and added spices to the tofu

It was really nice and super fresh, I had salsa to go with it.

I think at the end of the day it was really good I had a light dinner, I am still very unsure that I would become a fully converted vegan but I love the challenge of cooking tasty vegan foods and it is great to mix. Since I started thinking about and cooking vegan foods I more often opt for, at least vegetarian options when I am eating out.

One Response to “Burger for lunch and Vegan for dinner, it is about balance!”
  1. Wonderful! I have been looking for this info , thanks for posting, vegetarian diet plan.

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