Egg fried hash

A friend of mine was talking about eggs the other day and ever since I have been thinking about eggs! I haven’t been home much this week so tonight I thought I would make something egg inspired. I had given eggs quite some thought and would most likely have been happy with an egg cooked on it’s own, fried, poached or boiled. I did remember that I bought a large carton of eggs over the weekend and didn’t give it another thought.

I had a little time between meetings and managed to pop in to Selfridges food hall where I bought an organic chorizo picante ring for dinner, something full of flavour, quick and easy! I did walk through the shop and also managed to pick up a bottle colourful nail varnish as well, the temptation was just too big! Happy with my purchases it was time to hurry to the next meeting.

Once home I looked in my carton of eggs and had forgotten that I had eaten all but two of the eggs! I had a quick think and it was quite easy, I upped the veg to make it enough food for 2 as I was too lazy to go to the shop and get some more! 🙂

Chorizo & Paneer egg fry

1/2 Chroizo ring, I prefer picante, take the skin off and slice it
1/2 pack Paneer cheese, cubed
1/4 head savoy cabbage, sliced
1 potato, diced
1/2 small courgette, sliced
5 cocktail tomatoes
1 beetroot, raw, grated
2 eggs

Pan fry the chorizo to release the flavours and oil. I have to say the chorizo ring I buy at Sainsburys works just as well! Once pan fried I set it aside in a bowl. I then fried the potatoes in the chorizo oil, once just cooked through taste and see if salt and pepper is needed. Add the cabbage, after a few minutes and when it starts to wilt, the courgette, paneer cheese and cocktail tomatoes but save two for decoration.

Whilst that is cooking grate the beetroot and whisk the eggs together with some salt and pepper. Once everything is cooked in the frying pan add the egg, take the frying pan off the heat and stir to make sure the egg coats the hash. Once the egg is set plate up, add the grated beetroot and the cocktail tomato and serve with some sweet chilli sauce!

4 Responses to “Egg fried hash”
  1. I always keep in my fridge a chorizo sausage. You are right: it is full of flavour and you can always make a good quick dinner …like this one!

  2. I love chorizo, this is a great dinner. Just my sort of thing.

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