Saussage, partridge bubble & squeak and pickle onion tomato salad

Sometimes I am so easily distracted from what I was after when I go shopping. Most of the times I feel quite well organized and it is not that often I add more things than planned in my shopping basket, but this said it doesn’t apply all the time!

I love to browse when I go to the fishmongers, Sandy’s on Twickenham High Street, any cheese counter or to Robsons Butcher, my local butcher. I really wanted to make something with sausages but as we were out for most of the day it had to also be quick and easy. I picked out a mix of sausages and  partridge caught my eye. I don’t know about you but I got a vision of it pan fried to perfection with just salt and pepper and well, had to get some!

I went on my way home with my sausages, Tolouse, Wild boar and apple, salami and a couple of chipolatas as well as a partridge cut up in perfect pieces.

I browned the partridge in a frying pan with salt and pepper. I then added a whole cut up lemon to the pan. Once that was done I placed it in the oven (180C) for 20 minutes along with the sausage and everything came out perfect and ready at the same time. I squeezed the lemon to get the juice out, it mixed with the fat and cooking juice from the partridge and I spooned this over the cooked pieces.



I had some mash, marrow and cabbage left over from Saturdays dinner that I wanted to use up so I made little bubble & squeak cakes

I made some mustard gravy using coarse mustard but I still felt that it needed something with a little acid to compliment the quite mild flavors. I decided to use up the ripened tomatoes from the plant outside and mix them with some of the pickle shallot onion I did last week. It is supposed to sit for a month but I was so curious! I added a hint of vinegar, a little olive oil, salt, pepper and a drop of agave nectar and it was a great with the sausage and bubble & squeak. The partridge came out just as I had imaged and I will buy it again, so simple and such flavor!

2 Responses to “Saussage, partridge bubble & squeak and pickle onion tomato salad”
  1. A mix of sausages and partridge sound good to me! I like your idea of a quick dinner….quick to cook but using quality ingredients.

    • petra08 says:

      hi Rita

      I had never cooked partridge before but it was so tender, and a nice combo with different textures to the sausages even if a little random combo! 🙂

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