A Japanese lunch in Soho and a lovely tart

Last week I had a lunch meeting. I didn’t choose but as I was with a fellow foodie I had no doubts that it would be great. We went to UKAI on Poland Street in Soho, a Japanese restaurant.

Going out with a foodie is great as it means I didn’t have to even read the menu but asked him to order! The food was delicious and just perfect and light for lunch! We had a range of different dishes.

We ate from very pretty plates 

A sushi platter

The sushi was intricate

Papaya salad with a nice crunch

Steamed broccoli 

We also had teryaki chicken, the sauce was great, perfectly sticky and chicken dumplings. Unfortunately we ate both the teryaki chicken and the dumplings before I remembered to take a pic.

During our meal we managed to cover a vast range of topics, business (of course) but also food and the delights that comes with it, various restaurants but also dishes and cooking methods. I sometimes trail off and talk about food and for non foodies I can see them glaze over slightly and only make polite nods but this time I could just go for it and it makes a difference!

The food was very fresh and delicious, I guess the only thing I would say anything about is the slightly slow service but in all fairness we only saw one waitress.

The good thing abut Soho is that there are so many restaurants to choose from and afterwards we felt in need of a pick me up coffee. We went around the corner, I can’t remember the name but the place had the most gorgeous pastry  We settled for a fig and almond tart, too full to manage one on our own we decided to share. It was just as good as it looked, the coffee was nice and strong and it was a perfect ending to a great lunch.

7 Responses to “A Japanese lunch in Soho and a lovely tart”
  1. Wow. Looks interesting! Very colourful too!

  2. Christian Cecchi says:

    L’Eto on Wardour Street.

  3. Kdonkey says:

    The food looks delicious and when I get back from Dubai I must give it a look. Your post also made me smile because I cant remember the amount of times I’ve forgotten to take pictures when in a restaurant so I don’t end up writing it up.

    • petra08 says:

      Oh Dubai sounds nice and warm! I headed in the opposite direction and went to Stockholm for the week! 🙂
      Isn’t it annoying when you forget to take pics and still wonder if a half eaten plate would still look nice?! ha ha

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