Creole spices and the biggest half sandwich ever in Stockholm

Marie Leveau lived a long time ago, actually she was born 1794 and she was a voodoo practitioner in the wicked town of New Orleans. You might wonder what that has to do with food? Well last week I went to Stockholm and it all started with a visit to the restaurant Marie Leveau for dinner with my colleagues/friends.

Clearly inspired by the history of Ms Marie the menu was a reflection and it was full of creole inspired dishes. 
After a quick read through I could not resist a honey and ginger glazed young chicken. The service was great and we didn’t have to wait long before the foods arrived. There was so much to catch up on during dinner as i hadn’t seen some of them for ages. 
To go with the chicken I had creamed corn and apple coleslaw. 
Creamed corn 
 Apple coleslaw 
After the dinner we went next door for a few more drinks, continued the conversations and eventually rounded off the evening.
For lunch the following day we went to a cafe, well it is sort of a hybrid between a cafe and a lunch restaurant and I ordered half a sandwich. It was a “Skagen surf n’ turf”, Skagen mix of prawns and this one had spicy salami on top, delicious but I did wonder what I had done when it arrived as there were extra prawns on the side and a boiled egg as well, it was an impressive amount of food!
I did manage the prawns, the egg and some of the bread in the end but had to admit defeat.
It was an intense but interesting week in Stockholm, we did a visit to restaurant Mårten Trotzig where we kicked off with a fun foodie discussion about Swedish lingonberries, they are related to cranberries but, in my opinion, tastier. The American visitors found it amazing that there was lingonberry jam on the breakfast buffet, at lunch they saw lingonberries on the menu and of course, being at Mårten Trotzig serving delicious Swedish food, there was lingonberries on the menu!
The waiter had overheard us and thought it was amusing so he suggested lingonberry martini to start with, needless to say they were delicious! Unfortunately it was too dark for any pictures of the food but if you are in Stockholm, this is a wonderful place to get a taste of classic Swedish food at it’s best.
There were many more meals, early mornings and late evenings, a few G&T’s, meeting new friends and old friends before it was time to head back home. It was nice to go but also nice to come back home.
6 Responses to “Creole spices and the biggest half sandwich ever in Stockholm”
  1. I love this post, it brings back so many nice memories of Stockholm. The Creole food experience sounds very exciting. My husband does not like coleslaw but i really want to it again now!!!

  2. What a fantastic time, really intersting variety of food. The coleslaw looks great.

  3. Kdonkey says:

    sounds like a great break – a few drinks with some good friends whilst eating some wonderful food. My kind of holiday. Love the look of the food esp the chicken – yum

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