Bulgur Wheat for dinner and brunch, a healthy kick after a long week

Business travel can be fun, meeting lots of nice people, eating a lovely hotel breakfast and going out for dinners with meetings in-between. However last week in Sweden I had a great time but I was happy to head home when it was time!

The flight was delayed so I had some time at the airport and I guess more bored than anything else I got some nachos and a glass of wine. The wine was fine but the nachos reminded me of what you get at cinemas, mass produced and a salsa that feels as if it hasn’t been anywhere near tomato.I did nibble and waited. For quite a while I could see the pilot (also waiting) and no plane in sight but assumed the plane was not too far away.
The plane finally arrived and the sign at the gate quickly went from “go to gate” to final call in no time. We all rushed to get on and after yet another 40 minutes wait we finally took off. I was greeted by poring rain at Terminal 5 but it was the best feeling to get in to the cab.
Once home all I wanted to do was to sit on the sofa and chill. I didn’t even want to go out and eat but did a quick going through the cupboards to see what we have at home and what would be quick as well as healthy. I found a bag of bulgur wheat and decided to make a quick bowl. I also had some smoked mussels and I opened a tin of those as well.
Bulgur Wheat Cheese&Veg
  • Bulgur Wheat, 1 dl/pp
  • Water, boiling, half the amount compared to the bulgur wheat 
  • 1/2 beef stock cube 
  • Leek, sliced 
  • Peas, frozen
  • Broad beans, frozen (shelled)
  • Carrot, grated
  • Cheese, grated 
  • Cocktail tomatoes, quartered
Bring the bulgur wheat, the boiling water, stock cube, peas, leek and broad beans to boil, turn the heat off and let stand with lid on for at least 10 minutes.
When done add the grated carrot and the grated cheese, I added some smoked mussels but anything would go and it was a lovely and light dinner, just what I needed after a week of slight indulgence. Light but full of flavour and perfectly filling.
There was some left so I put it in the fridge for a Saturday brunch. I had a frittata in mind but in the end I went to the butcher and got some chicken and apricot sausage. I ended up doing a bulgur wheat, chicken sausage and egg hash that I ate with ketchup and hot sauce. It was a great start to the day (brunch so a little later). It was really nice and I will keep any leftover bulgur wheat and do it again!

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