Fish pie at Bentley’s, Dim sum at Yauatcha and Chicken Fajita at Hard Rock Cafe

The past couple of weeks have been manic to say the least, very work intense but also great and a lot, perhaps slightly too much, good foods! The week just gone I was back in London again. I had forgotten how much fun Hard Rock Cafe can be, it is so easy to sing along to the music and the volume is loud enough to drown some embarrassing humming along, but low enough to talk.
It really is a slice of America. I shared a Jumbo Combo with a colleague. It comes in a true large size with Santa Fe Spring rolls, Hickory smoked chicken wings, Potato skins loaded with bacon and sour cream, Tupelo chicken tenders and all served with four different sauces, my favourite was blue cheese and the spring rolls very nice, vegetarian so a bit lighter.
For main we actually shared another dish, Famous Chicken fajita, a skillet of sizzling chicken and veg, smoking hot!
All the sides came on a large plate and I am really quite sure it would feed at least three people but it was good and hit the right spot.
Another lunch was at Yauatcha, I can never quite resist going there and especially as we were so close. We had a lovely lunch, nice and light but even restrained we didn’t make it to dessert! We went for lovely dim sum.
Rice paper prawn and mango roll
Fried chilli squid with oatmeal and curry leaf, it tastes lovely and smells gorgeous!
I can never resist their Congee with pork and preserved egg, it is my favourite
The pan-fried chicken dumpling tasted just as good as it looked.
Another lovely dim sum meal at Yauatcha!
Before the week was over there was another lunch at another of my favourites, Bentleys. It is a place for hearty but sophisticated food, the place is full of atmosphere in a traditional way that is far from boring but feels solid and just makes you feel looked after!
I didn’t take any pictures and again tried to save myself for dessert, this time by not having a starter, I was tempted by steak tartare, but opted for the fish pie, one of the best ever but it left no room for anything but a coffee. The meal was made even better when Richard Corrigan came out from the kitchen to the restaurant and it made me smile that Mr Corrigan had cooked lunch for me!


2 Responses to “Fish pie at Bentley’s, Dim sum at Yauatcha and Chicken Fajita at Hard Rock Cafe”
  1. Kdonkey says:

    sounds like you’re having a great time at the moment – all those wonderful restaurants.

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