Wonderfully decadent and indulgent food at Bar Boulud

A friend of mine suggested that I should go to Bar Boulud at the London Mandarin Oriental. His advice is always welcome and of course this turned out to be a proper food fest! It was a place where you get food so good it is virtually impossible to stop eating and I just wish I could have eaten more!

As a starter we decided to order a few dishes to share, we thought they would be small but they were quite substantial, I would have been happy with only the starters but of course the main course was fantastic.

The starters all came at the same time and we had épinards et artichaut, a spinach-artichoke dip with croutons, nice and cheesy and the crutons had the perfect crunch to balance the soft and warm dip.

After that we had the small sharing dish degustation de charcuterie, it was todays charcuterie tasting of cold specialties, hors doeuvres, pickles and mustards. The ham was one of the best hams I have ever eaten, soft, full of flavour and perfect ham texture! The saucisson sec, dry cured french sausage came in beautifully thin slices

I can never resist belly of pork so we got a portion of  rillons de porc, crispy pork belly and dijon mustard. I am sorry to say we left a piece but it was melt in your mouth good.

I was advised that the hamburgers was the thing to go for. I was very tempted by the truffle sausage and mash but finally I went for the BB Burger, most likely the most decadent burger in town! It is a beef patty with foie gras, red wine braised short ribs, truffle, frisée, comfit tomato and horseradish mayo, served on an onion seed bun. The bun was of course a perfect burger bun, soft but with character and the onion seeds were just lovely. Each bite was an experience, it was cooked to perfection. I like my burgers medium and there was nothing dry about this burger! 


The only thing I would say that is not food orgasmic is that it was so rich I could not finish it and I wish I could! 



We ordered sides as well, needless to say it wasn’t necessary but so nice, I tried to eat my way through them as well, sweetcorn succotash, a classic American dish and potato Lyonaise.

As all had different dishes and after some advice from their somelier we settled for a Barda, Pinot Noir from Argentina, light enough to go with fish as well as meat. Had it only been meat perhaps a wine with more body would have been even better.

For dessert we shared, everyone wanted some but no one really had room! I guess we all had a bit of food greed! We ordered a Caragembre, a dark chocolate & caramel ganache tart with praliné roll, caramel tuile and ginger ice cream.

I was still full when I woke up and was sure I had gained at least two pounds but who cares when it is so good?! I can’t wait to go back, I will go a little easier on the starters and eat all of my burger next time!

6 Responses to “Wonderfully decadent and indulgent food at Bar Boulud”
  1. fiona maclean says:

    I do agree! I’ve been there and I think it’s without doubt the best gastro-burger in London….and really very good value for that part of town and the rather swish surroundings. Next time invite me along!!!

  2. is this real??? the food looks amazing ….it’s what I call comfort food. I love to eat these kind of think now that it’s getting cooler.

  3. Kdonkey says:

    when the food is that good, sod the weight and go for it I say – you can eat a little less later on or as I do – train for a marathon…haha…. Seeing the red wine made me SO jealous as I really want some and I can’t just pop to my local supermarket to buy some – the downside to Dubai 😦 Must give the place a look when I/if I get back

    • petra08 says:

      It was a sin not to eat too much 🙂 Let me know if you are going! I wish I could say I was training for a marathon, at least need to get the gym membership sorted! Their wine was delicious! But if you are getting too jealous it was raining quite a bit today and it is quite grey with only the odd ray of sunshine!

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