Sweet potato pancake and halumi cheese

I love weekends, it is a great time to catch up on things around the house, meet friends for lunch or dinner and of course to cook! I had a very lazy morning today and by the time I pulled myself together it was brunch time!

Every year we try to grow something new, this year it was sweet potato. We only had one plant and were not sure at all what was happening below ground. It spread above ground so we just left it but as the first night of frost arrived it was time to get it up! I am not sure what is supposed to happen but there were two sweet potatoes!

As there were not more I kept them but this morning, and even before I got out of bed I knew I wanted to have a vegetarian brunch and I wanted to use the sweet potato.

I thought pancakes might be the best option, they are just so lovely for breakfast!

Sweet potato pancakes for 3-4 people

  • Milk, 2 dl 
  • Flour, 1 dl (I used half wheat and half whole meal) 
  • Eggs, 3 
  • Salt, a hint
  • Agave nectar or sugar, 1 tsb
  • Cinnamon, a hint 
  • Sweet potato, 1 small peeled and grated fine
  • Oil, for cooking 

Mix the milk and the flour, this will help prevent lumps, then add the remaining ingredients, the sweet potato last. Heat the oil in the pan, a little goes a long way! When hot add small dollops of pancake dough, about 1/4 dl in the pan to make small pancakes. Cook the whole dough in batches.

Once all the pancakes are cooked put in an oven at 50C  to keep warm. Pan fry halumi cheese, dry roast some cashew nuts, make some tea or coffee. Toast some nice bread, get the butter and jam out and serve.

Stack the pancakes, add halumi on top, trickle over runny honey, sprinkle over the toasted cashew nuts and serve! I love my brunch best served with Saturday Kitchen on TV, starting to think of what to cook for dinner!

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