Authentic Italian aperitivo and excellent wine has arrived to London

I love to try new places and when I read that there is a place that just opened I knew I had to try it. It said in the description that it is an authentic Italian bar where you add a small amount to your wine and there are some wonderful aperitivos served on the bar. Il Tempo is located on Chandos place, Covent Garden. The space is very small but welcoming in a way that only Italians can. There is a certain way about how they love life, food and wine and this place lived up to all I read.

We got a bottle of a great Pinot Grigio and it came with a lovely true story how this particular wine came about. Some Italian wine makers went to New Zealand, they tried a beautiful wine and loved it so much they started to produce the wine as soon as they were back in Italy. Then this wine made it all the way to my table for the night and it was much appreciated.

Aperitivos are like the Spanish tapas but Italian, they serve them in just about

every bar in Italy and I have never seen them here in London. The chef produced an array of aperitivos that appeared on the bar, all delicious. The chef, with a background from a Michelin starred restaurant in Italy is the creator and each aperitivo was full of flavour. The pastry melted in my mouth, one had smooth I believe ricotta cheese and spinach, there was spicy salami and the breads were fresh with different toppings.

The owner, Stefano has brought a small piece of authentic Italy to London and I would recommend that you bring your friend(s) for drinks, aperitivos, smooth jazz music and the atmosphere! Food, wine and good friends makes for a very nice evening. We had such a good time we actually went for another bottle and of course more of the aperitivos, my favourite was the artichokes!

4 Responses to “Authentic Italian aperitivo and excellent wine has arrived to London”
  1. Nice place! I do not know this wine, it must be really new (I use to work for a large wholesaler of Italian Food and Wine). Pinot Grigio is my favourite white wine. Only a question Petra, does the restaurant/bar call the canape ‘aperitivos’? Aperitivo is a drink that Italians drink just before lunch and usually is served with stuzzichini/tartine (canape’)…I’m just curios, I left Italy 10 years ago and I start forgetting many things…

    • petra08 says:

      hi Rita

      yes they called them Aperitivos but am sure you are right and perhaps it does sound a bit more Italian! 🙂 The wine was delicious
      Here is the website I think they just cook different canapes every day but they are also open for breakfast and lunch (I have never tried).
      It is a lovely place, perfect to go with a friend and catch up! Working with food and wine sounds great! 🙂 This year when in Italy we came across a winery called Dezi, they did some fantastic wines but Italian foods and wines is just such a wonderful combination!

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