On the hunt for an amazing burger

When a burger is good, it is like a complete meal, the perfect resistance for the bread, soaking up sauces without being soggy, adding just enough taste. The ration of fat to meat has to be right to make it juicy, it needs spices that enhance the flavours. However when a burger is bad it … Continue reading

Chimmichurri baked tofu

In my basket from Epicure there was a chimmichurri sauce/paste. I have never eaten chimmichurri, or made it myself but I was very curious and wanted to try it. It smells lovely of herbs and spices and I knew I had to try it. It is usually used with meat but I thought it might be a … Continue reading

Japanese mums chicken, smoked mackerel starter and crab

After my visit to Sandy’s the fishmongers the fridge was well stocked and after the seafood dinner Friday night I wanted to cook something experimental. I had three crab claws and decided to make crab mousse for our friends coming for dinner. But first thing first and after a morning with quite a lot to … Continue reading

Seafood Friday

On my way home from work today I planned to go past Robson’s the local butcher . Then, about half way between work and home is a fishmonger, Sandy’s. They have a lot of everything and I decided to make a pit stop and buy some shellfish, prawns, crab and perhaps some langoustines. Once inside … Continue reading

Chocolate mousse and sweet apricot kernel praline

What is a dinner without dessert? I don’t make them very often and if we don’t have guests we usually have some cheese instead but this time I really wanted to make some. I bought some gorgeous dark chocolate. It is not as sweet as milk chocolate and I decided to make a chocolate mousse … Continue reading

Slow cooked beef cheek with mash and tomato jam

When I was young, going out with my grandma she always brought a spare bag, not for shopping but to carry things home that she won. It could be anything from a small things like tea towels at the local tombola to a whole set of tea cups. If we went to the amusement park she would … Continue reading

Tapas at Salt Yard

I have a few favourite restaurants and Saltyard is one of them! The atmosphere is always relaxed and the food and wine excellent. I think they have some of the best tortilla in London, it is just perfectly cooked and full of flavour, but then everything is. We ordered some Jamon Croquetas with Manchego, crispy … Continue reading

Chicken stir fry with savory orange sauce and black & white noodles

The other day when I was walking home from work I was thinking about chicken soup, still feeling a slight cold I found the thought very appealing. I wanted something quick so I got a chicken breast from the butcher and headed home. One chicken breast is enough in a soup for two as there … Continue reading

Holidays start at the airport!

Good food at an airport? I have had my share of airport food over the years and some of it has been just foul, calorific and quite tasteless. Some examples are pre packed soggy sandwiches, un inspired soup and slightly dry bread or  an all day breakfast with what seems like steamed bacon full of … Continue reading

What a Sunday lunch!

This week is the birthday of a friend of mine. To celebrate we were invited over for a Sunday lunch. I was asked to bring a dessert and I also volunteered to bring a starter. Expecting nothing but a large roast I did have to have a think and wanted to make something light. We … Continue reading