Energizing food, stir fry with cabbage

I have felt a cold trying to creep up on me for a few weeks now. It is of course terrible timing with loads to do at work, a busy weekend ahead but then, is it ever a good time for a cold?

Well I decided to try and fight it and eat healthier and add as much vitamins as I could. Said and done I did start by going to Whole Foods to see what they had. I came out with two different categories of food, wholesome, energizing food and cheese! Their cheese selection is just wonderful!

This time I got some new foods and some more familiar foods, most of them vegan. Vegan foods can be a little funny sometimes with “beef” strips, “ham” slices etc, it is great as it is easier to associate what the foods are about but at the same time they never taste quite the same not in any way not as nice just different. So this time I found tofu called “smoked slices” and I thought it was quite nice. It said on the package that you could eat it hot or cold so I thought perfect for an energizing, vegan dinner.

I finally found some more of the cheese I have been looking for since I got a pack from Eve, it is called No-Muh and this was a spreadable cheese that would also melt, this had to be tried!

The evening before I soaked black beans in water and left for 24 hr, just changing the water once. I then let them simmer for 45 minutes, added the beans to my dish and dinner was done.

Healthy stir fry with spicy seed topping and cabbage 

Seeds: Use a mix of your favorite seeds, I used

  • hemp seeds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • sunflower seeds 


  • salt 
  • pepper 
  • cayenne pepper 

I toasted the seeds until they start to release the oils, then add spices and set aside to cool

For the stir fry:

  • butternut squash, cubed 
  • oil for the frying pan
  • carrot, julienne 
  • celery, 1 stalk sliced 
  • “smoked” slices, cut in squares (I prefer them cooked to bring out the flavor)
  • spring onion, sliced 
  • garlic, 2 cloves
  •  parsley, chopped 
  • Goan xacutti curry powder  
  • salt & pepper 

Start with the butternut, pan fry it in a little oil and when almost done add the “smoked” slices. Add the spices and then the rest of the ingredients, last add the black beans. I tried the smoked slices cold but it wasn’t really my thing, however pan fried it tasted good.

Cheesy savoy cabbage 

  • savoy cabbage, 1/4 sliced 
  • no-muh cheese 
  • water 
  • salt & pepper 

Steam the savoy cabbage and when cooked through drain, set aside and keep warm. In the pot used to steam the cabbage add about 2 dl of water and no-muh cheese. The easiest way to make sure the cheese melts is to get a whisk out and make sure the cheese melts. If the water evaporates add more to get a “cheese sauce” consistency, add salt and pepper and the cabbage. The no-muh cheese worked really well and added that satisfying creaminess to the cabbage without being dairy cheese.

I placed the cabbage on top of the stir fry, garnished with the toasted, spiced seeds and parsley  I do believe that it helped and I did feel a bit better the day after.




One Response to “Energizing food, stir fry with cabbage”
  1. Very healthy Petra, but also very tasty. Beans and cabbage are very nice when combined in a super food dish!

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