On the hunt for an amazing burger

When a burger is good, it is like a complete meal, the perfect resistance for the bread, soaking up sauces without being soggy, adding just enough taste. The ration of fat to meat has to be right to make it juicy, it needs spices that enhance the flavours. However when a burger is bad it can be a truly unappetizing experience. I decided to go and find out where to go for that lovely and satisfying burger bite!

I have been going at this for a while. I thought I would come up with a top list but it wasn’t quite that easy, some burgers are good in their own, and different ways and some are bad for different reasons. It is also not only about the burger themselves, it is what is served with them!

I decided to split them in to groups starting with a burger that really did stand out. It was, as I described before, wondefully decandent and indulgent. The BB burger at Bar Boulud with foie gras, truffle and perfectly braised short ribs! Each bite was a taste of outstanding quality beef, a burger cooked to perfection (I like mine medium). The bun and the burger with the foie gras and the truffle was just delicious. The truffle mash was heaven as a side dish!

Another great burger place is Burger & Lobster, I like it so much I have been there a few times. Their burgers and juicy, the bun has the perfect resistance and the cheese and bacon makes it even better. The burger comes with fries and a salad but the burger is so good I ate none of the sides and it was very satisfying.

Good burgers in no particular order

Byrons’s serve a good burger but it was slightly overcooked so not as juicy but they possibly make the best coleslaw I have ever tasted. coleslaw is my favourite side dish to a burger so well worth a visit.

The Draft House Charlotte (on the corner of Charlotte street and Goodge street) serves a good burger. This again was slightly overcooked and the bread was good but not as good as the previous burgers and the bun is important. However they have something the others miss that will make me come back again and again, foot long pork scratchings and perfect bitter on draft! Delicious!

The Gourmet Burger Kitchen never disapoints. They have the skinniest fries around and the most garlicky dressing to dip the fries in and to smother the burger with, it makes me happy every time. The burger is cooked lovely and medium. They have a very large selection and combinations but I like a plain burger with bacon and avocado

For a very different burger I headed to Holyrood 9A in Edinburgh, the only tried and tested burger outside of London in this taste test. The place is famous for a variation of burgers but I had only come here for their Haggis burger! I like haggis but I usually eat too much and it is quite heavy food but this burger was bursting with flavour and it wasn’t heavy at all! I would recommend anyone who comes to Edinburgh to try this!

Sometimes for work when I don’t have the time or opportunity to stop and eat lunch I might grab a burger. I look out for a Burger King. I always go for a Whopper with a water or a juice, no fries and no other side dishes. A Whopper does keep you going for a while. Their salad is usually fresh and with a satisfying crunch. In this case someone was a little heavy handed with the ketchup bottle but it was still ok!

Ponti’s, just off Regent Street. My dinner date for the day had pasta, this is an Italian place and it is almost obvious that a hamburger is not the best option in an Italian restaurant! The bread was slightly dry, it didn’t have much taste but the burger itself was similar and the combo didn’t work for me, it was a little bit too dry but I liked the seeds on the bun.

There are so many places to go and every time I mention my hamburger blog I get tips on where to go so I will of course continue my research!

6 Responses to “On the hunt for an amazing burger”
  1. Ah, you’ve got me salivating like crazy over here! I couldn’t agree more about the fat ratio—I’ll take it all!!

  2. Fantastic idea! I know what you mean about burgers; amazing when they’re perfect and disappointing when they’re so-so.

  3. I agree with you: do not order a hamburger in an Italian place….as matter of fact Italians do not know how to prepare a yummy hamburger; I was shocked when I discovered the real homemade hamburger flavour in USA . This is a very interesting hamburger review Petra!!

    • petra08 says:

      hi Rita

      ha ha I did learn my lesson and their pasta looked great! A good hamburger is amazing! There are a few more places I want to try so am sure there will be more reviews!

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