An English Christmas in Sweden – Turkey time

After a lovely Swedish Christmas on December 24th we did what we have done the past years, celebrating an English Christmas on December 25th. All Swedish Christmas foods set aside and my Swedish friends had bought a lovely but quite large free range, organic turkey. A Swedish Christmas Turkey, oven 175C – 30 mins/kg 1 Turkey  (this … Continue reading

It was a very Merry Christmas!

The build up before Christmas was so long somehow this year. It could have been the German Christmas market perhaps, I was there on December 1st already. The good thing is that when Christmas finally arrived I was truly ready, or so I thought until I realized I was one present short! Nothing that could not be … Continue reading

A very Swedish lunch

It was the run up to Christmas and a busy day in Gothenburg, a few meetings but also time for lunch and when in Sweden… Every time I come home I have to eat ( at least) one prawn sandwich or salad! There is no other place where the prawns tastes better, caught in the cold … Continue reading

Black rice noodles with cold smoked moose

The last week before Christmas I was supposed to be out most nights so I didn’t plan any meals but one night there was a change of plans and I could headbstraight home and decided to cook with what I had at home. On my last trip to Stockholm I bought some cold smoked moose … Continue reading

Two 30 minute dinners – cheese crusted pork and bacon omelette

With everything having been a bit hectic lately the few nights I have been home I really wanted home cooked food. Time has not always been on my side so it had to be quick and, if possible, a bit on the lighter side! I bought a fillet of pork on the way home one … Continue reading

When something is so good – you have to go back! The Blackboard Bistro revisited

I can’t believe it but for my Christmas dinner in Dublin, well there was only one place to go, the Blackboard Bistro on Clare street. It is a small place but it is full of atmosphere and you always get a wonderful welcome. It is the kind of restaurant I always wished I lived closer … Continue reading

Christmas drinks at Il Tempo

With Christmas around the corner and all my efforts this year to get in to the spirit, not only in London but in Germany and Sweden as well I had a few Christmas do’s and what better than to go one of your favourite places to celebrate the year past and the year to come? … Continue reading

Pan fried salmon and beet root creme

How was your weekend? I have done almost all of my Christmas present shopping, very pleased with myself I sat down to start wrapping. It was only then I realized I had bought quite a few of them and it took some time to do them all. To get in the mood I played Christmas … Continue reading

Venison stew with Hungarian spices

I went to to the butcher to get some bacon for breakfast and came home with cold cut meats and diced vension instead! I just couldn’t help myself. I picked up some bread from the baker as well and was on my way home for a cold breakfast. It was still delicious and most likely … Continue reading

A quick Glasgow trip and a full English breakfast

It was time to go to Glasgow for a couple of meetings, I was a little nervous of snow but the flight took off and landed just on time! I headed to the hotel to check in and to drop the bag. The meeting went well and I had a dinner in the hotel restaurant, … Continue reading