German Christmas spirit part one

I have a friend who lives in Belgium, I used to see her quite often but then time went by and before what seemed like no time at all, four years had passed and it was getting slightly embarrassing, for the both of us! Said an done earlier this year we booked a weekend away, just for the two of us in the slightly random choice of town, Wuppertal in Germany. I flew in to Brussels and took the train to meet my friend an I went past some Belgian towns I have never seen before.


We went to my friends for lunch, her mum, Annamaria had arrive to look after the daughter and she had prepared lunch. Annamaria is one of the best cooks I know, her food is just bursting with flavour and it is made so delicately and with such love it is an insult not to eat too much! She had cooked a lovely chicken dish with mushrooms and home made gnocchi, a perfect lunch before heading off to Germany.
Already in the car we picked up where we left it four years and a few phone calls ago, there was so much to cover! Arriving in Wuppertal we immediately saw what  it is famous for,
Schwebebahn, built more than 100 years ago and still running! We took it several times and it is perfect as it runs from one side of town to the other with plenty of stops. It runs over the river Wupper.
rdered We arrived just in time to check in at the hotel and find a local bar. It wasn’t quite as bad as some local pubs in England can be, where I sometimes feel like even the music stops as I walk in and no one moves until I have placed my order in the bar, but we did get some curious but friendly looks. The whole place had Christmas decorations and there was some pre Christmas spirit.
I had done a little research and a restaurant name seemed to come up a lot, Katzengold, serving great traditional German foods. We headed there without realising that we really should have had a reservation but managed to get the last table! Very lucky indeed. I was drinking a cool Reisling with the food.


Salmon salad with perfectly cooked salmon and yoghurt dressing, very fresh with great crunch.
The goats cheese salad was delicious. It was studded with chopped nuts, drizzled with honey and baked before being added to the salad.
We had some potatoes with aioli on the side, just to make sure to keep up the carb intake, slightly indulgent but delicious!
After the dinner we took a walk through the city. The first square we came across had a church that looked like it was made of duplo! Quite unreal and I learnt the day after that this is St Laurentius church.
There were quite a lot of people out and the market stalls were still open. At this point I didn’t realise quite what a large Christmas market they have, this square was only a tiny part!
There were a lot of gluhwein stalls, delicious in the cold winter evening!
After the drive, great food and some steaming hot mulled wine it was time to call it quits and we headed back to the hotel for a great nights sleep!

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