Pan fried salmon and beet root creme

How was your weekend? I have done almost all of my Christmas present shopping, very pleased with myself I sat down to start wrapping. It was only then I realized I had bought quite a few of them and it took some time to do them all. To get in the mood I played Christmas songs and had a few cups of mulled wine and felt very Christmassy!

When all the pressies were wrapped it was time to start thinking about dinner. There is still food at the allotment and keen to not let anything go to waste we went to pick some produce in the pale afternoon sun. I had bought some salmon and wanted to have it with beetroot. We still have some in the ground and they still look and taste perfect.

A few beetroots, a large handful of Brussels sprouts, an inspection and happy with today’s harvest we headed home to cook dinner.

When I cook beetroots I like to add a chilli when it is cooking, the background note of hot goes very well with the sweetness of the beetroot. I boiled it for 35 minutes with some salt until they were cooked through.


I also prepped some cabbage to be stir fried with lemon to provide crunch and a slight fresh sourness. I made spicy seeds to go on top.



Once the beetroots was cooked I began to pan fry the salmon, it took only 6-8 minutes.


When it cooked I quickly did the beetroot creme with boiled beetroot, (chilli discarded), low fat creme fraiche and a small knob of butter.

We ate the pan fried salmon with toasted bulgur wheat, stir fry cabbage, spicy seeds and beetroot creme, healthy, packed with veg and a great way to end the weekend.


2 Responses to “Pan fried salmon and beet root creme”
  1. shoshanaspa says:

    This looks fantastic. I will try this week!

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