When something is so good – you have to go back! The Blackboard Bistro revisited

I can’t believe it but for my Christmas dinner in Dublin, well there was only one place to go, the Blackboard Bistro on Clare street. It is a small place but it is full of atmosphere and you always get a wonderful welcome. It is the kind of restaurant I always wished I lived closer to but am happy to return just about every time I am in Dublin.

They have a Christmas dinner menu and it is small but I would have happily ordered any of the dishes! There were some discussions of what to eat and some went for the pumpkin risotto, when it came out I did have a pang of food envy!


I went for the gravlax with warm potato salad, sweet paprika and a fresh tarragon and lemon dressing – it was visually stunning and even more delicious to eat.


In between meals we had a pallet cleaner, we all loved it!


We had a great time and it was soon time for the main course. I was so tempted by the cod but in the end I went with one of my all time favourites, pork belly!

The cod came out and looked very yummy. It was pan fried and served with mash, buttered cabbage , smoked bacon and white wine sauce.


My pork belly, served with wilted baby spinach, French beans. truffle scented mash and red wine jus – it tasted even better than it sounded!


After this I was quite full but a little greedy and had to have the French cheese platter. I love cheese and no sweet dessert can in my opinion beat a good cheese platter but that is just me!


I think the food here is just getting better, if you are in Dublin and fancy a bite, I would highly recommend a visit!


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