A very Swedish lunch

It was the run up to Christmas and a busy day in Gothenburg, a few meetings but also time for lunch and when in Sweden… Every time I come home I have to eat ( at least) one prawn sandwich or salad! There is no other place where the prawns tastes better, caught in the cold and salty Atlantic ocean. They are saltier but they also have a different texture to the ones I have ever bought in London.

A good prawn sandwich is based on dark bread, somewhere in the base there is one hard boiled egg, the prawns are mixed with some kind of mayo mix, most likely mayo and creme fraiche, red onion and topped with fish roe, delicious! The absolute best prawn sandwich I ever had was bought in a shop in Smögen in he summer, eaten on the pontoon near the boats, just above the waterline in the sunshine. This time I had a salad and it did not disappoint.
My lunch date had pannbiff, a beef made from mince meat with potatoes and red wine jus. We had lunch at Palace on this first day and it was very chilled out.
I love traditional Swedish food and for lunch on the second day we decided to go to Tvåkanten on Avenyn in Gothenburg.

The restaurant is beautiful and I can imagine that it is even more so when it is dark outside. The fire was lit and there were candled on each table So all was nice and cosy.

I could not resist the cured venison to start with, served with lingonberries and celeriac. I loved the lingonberries but the taste of he celeriac I thought was a little harsh and for me, parsnip or swede would have worked better but the meat was great.

For main we all had a different dish, I had an quite un-eventful but nice Caesar salad, there was one Biff Rydberg, fillet of beef with rosemary roast potatoes, cabbage and a sauce. This was not a classic version but smelled divine and tasted just as good.


The last main course was cod, served with boiled potatoes, clarified butter, prawns and grated horseradish. The cod was perfectly cooked, very flakey and delicious and horseradish and white fish (especially turbot) is a match made in heaven!

No matter how much I wanted to there was no room for dessert, happy with some coffee to avoid a touch of food coma we left Tvåkanten very happy with our fill of Swedish flavours.

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