It was a very Merry Christmas!

The build up before Christmas was so long somehow this year. It could have been the German Christmas market perhaps, I was there on December 1st already. The good thing is that when Christmas finally arrived I was truly ready, or so I thought until I realized I was one present short! Nothing that could not be sorted and crisis averted last minute with a little help from a friend.

All of Gothenburg was dressed for Christmas and very pretty.
We went to a Christmas market at Liseberg, an amusement park. There was a lot on sale but mainly reindeer and moose meat, smoked, sausages, hamburgers and wraps, artisan cheeses, cloudberry jams and other specialities. The whole park was lit up and quite striking.
When we woke up on Christmas Eve it was snowing! Lovely snow flakes covering the ground and by afternoon the whole world was snow white with -3C, it could not be more perfect!
The tree was dressed and we were all set!
The Christmas dinner started at 3 PM, something that is quite unusual in Sweden, as this man discovered when he was invited to spend Christmas in Sweden with his future wife and her family for the first time and discovered the Swedish obsession with Donald Duck at 3 PM on Christmas eve,
Set table Xmas12XmasDinnerTable
There are more things to Christmas than Donald Duck, the foods! There is a Swedish bread called vörtbröd, a bread full of Christmas beer, Christmas spices and raisins, this year I found a sour dough vörtbröd and it was delicious.
I could quite easily have a fish inspired Christmas with boiled potatoes and herring in garlic sauce, cold smoked Norwegian salmon (it is the best!) and Jansons temptation. But this Christmas was more meat inspired and for cold cuts we had
Salami with pear cognac Xmas12Salami
Ham, sliced Xmas12XmasHam
Pickle herring Xmas12Herring
Smoked Salmon
Beetroot salad Xmas12BeetrootSalad
There is always also warm food
Meatballs Xmas12MeatBalls
Small frankfurter sausages. As they are smaller than the usual frankfurter they are called prince sausages.
A Jansons Temptation is mandatory and one of my favourites, potatoes, cut julienne, cream and anchovy – delicious
We finished with some cheese and fruit whilst opening the pressies.
After a couple of hours we summoned enough energy for a lengthy game of monopoly and played until we all wanted to go to bed, it was a great and chilled out, just like Christmas should be.

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