Smoked mussel and chilli sandwich

I love to eat fresh foods but I always have a stash of tins at home, perfect for when I need something quick and easy. One thing I always keep is smoked mussels or oysters, the size is snack perfect. I wanted a snack quite quickly and a tin of smoked mussels  was it. I did some … Continue reading

Steamed cod with romanesco and egg sauce

I still had some Chinese rose radish sprouts and I wanted to use them. It is too cold for a salad so I got some cod. I wanted to be cost conscious and got a piece of line caught loin of cod, it was £2.20 and then I saw a twin pack of baby romaesco, this would … Continue reading

When left to my own devices – avocado and China rose radish sprouts

I didn’t have much time for lunch today so I could only do a quick run to the health food shop. I stocked up for my cupboards at home with some black rice noodles, nuts and seeds. I went past the fresh counter and saw something called Organic China rose radish sprouts. I love to … Continue reading

Sometimes there is nothing like a good steak

I almost never get a cold and I really surprised myself when I realised I was due for a day in bed. I wasn’t completely incapacitated but nor was I going outside the front door. I had fever and that is about the only thing that really gets me. I slept for 3 more hours before starting … Continue reading

Lunch at Murano

December was a bit of a manic month and some things had to be postponed until January due to everyone’s busy schedule! I am very lucky and was taken to Angela Hartnett’s Murano for lunch and with no time before the holidays and January was the month. I started the week on a super healthy note with … Continue reading

Lemon grass beef stew

The colder weather and the snow makes me want to do some slow cooking and eat comfort foods. I picked up some beef cheeks from the butcher, I have been thinking about lemon grass flavoured beef for a while and finally got around to making it. I didn’t have a recipe but wanted the lemon grass … Continue reading

Burns night dinner and a perfect pick me up breakfast

We were invited to our neighbours for a Burns night dinner. Burns night is an event to celebrate the Scottish poet Robert Burns and they typically include haggis with neeps and tatties (translation – swede and potato), Scotch whisky and reciting one or more of Burns poems. They had a fantastic haggis from Macsween, their’s … Continue reading

Black and white noodles with peanut sauce

I love Friday nights, the week is done, today there was a lot of snow! All day in the office I kept an eye out the window to make sure I could see the buses still running and at the end of the day I left a little early after about 6 hours of non … Continue reading

Guest Blog – Tart Chicken Casserole

This is a guest blog from Sus, a foodie friend of mine. Going to hers for dinner is always a treat and last time I was home in Sweden she cooked a Tart chicken casserole, definitely tart but not too much, just delicious. Sus; Hi all! I have graciously been invited to guest-write on the Food Eat … Continue reading

Roast chicken thighs, stir fry and mmm.. chocolate

It was a busy weekend and with a friend over I wanted to make a nice dinner in quite a short time as we were out for most of the day. By the time we made it home I wanted to cook chicken thighs as they are quite quick and easy. Roast chicken thighs with … Continue reading