Authentic Chinese kitchen

Having grown up in Sweden the Chinese food is more for the Swedish pallet than the Chinese I would suspect it is easy to simply label food as “Chinese”. This is quite unfair as China is a vast country with a very varied range of foods from region to region.

There are a few Chinese locally and most of them are quite standard ones but one, Chow Chow,  always delivers, the food is cooked fresh, with fresh ingredients and it always tastes better. No flavor enhancers and no coloring used, just straight forward, great tasting food. Here are some of my favorites, in a true boring manner I have ordered them many times and no matter what my best intentions are at least one of these dishes will always be ordered with my meals!

In Sweden we don’t have crispy seaweed on the menu (I know it is crispy cabbage) but it is very nice, with the balance of sweet and salty with grated scallops on top.


One of my favorites are the spicy chicken wings, freshly cooked with a nice hit of chilli and soft onion!


For main their sweet and sour chicken or prawns is great. I have just started to experiment with making sweet and sour sauce but I have some way to go still!


The spring onion  and ginger beef is tender and bursting with flavor


If we are feeling a little peckish we share a Singapore noodle between us instead of rice, it is not hot but nice and spicy and compliments the other dishes.


A side of season veg is always good as well, I love the garlic sauce.


The restaurant is small so if you are coming on the weekends I would suggest calling ahead and make a booking to avoid disappointment. The food will never disappoint and you are always made to feel very welcome!

2 Responses to “Authentic Chinese kitchen”
  1. Petra, you have got me drooling! Looks like a good Chinese takeaway. I think my favourites from your list are the beef, ginger and spring onion and the Singaporean Noodles.

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