Burns night dinner and a perfect pick me up breakfast

We were invited to our neighbours for a Burns night dinner. Burns night is an event to celebrate the Scottish poet Robert Burns and they typically include haggis with neeps and tatties (translation – swede and potato), Scotch whisky and reciting one or more of Burns poems.

They had a fantastic haggis from Macsween, their’s is said to be one of the best and I am inclined to agree. I would recommend anyone who has never tried haggis to at least try. Haggis consists of lamb, beef, oatmeal, onions and special seasoning, it is very rich but I might perhaps say that it is not the most photogenic of foods!

The door was draped in the Scottish flag and tartan patterns were everywhere.


Cooked haggis


The haggis was blessed with the classic “Address To A Haggis” by Robert Burns and ceremoniously cut open.

Cut open haggis 19JanCutHaggis

We had neeps and tatties to go with it 19JanNeeps&Tatties

It is very filling but we  finished the meal off by a very nice trifle and then some cheese. I didn’t have any whisky but opted for an organic damson liqueur, amazing.

The trifle 19JanTrifle

and well, a few chocolates went down as well 19JanChocolate
The following day I woke up and felt that perhaps we should have a pick me up breakfast, feeling a little dehydrated. I love the combination of chilli and tomato. I toasted sour dough bread we got in the market and served with crispy bacon, Manchego cheese, hot sauce that I made yesterday – chilli has an array of vitamins and goodness, onion to get rid of the slight feeling of a cold lurking and tomato for rehydration, it worked a treat! I felt ready to deal with the day!



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