Lunch at Murano

December was a bit of a manic month and some things had to be postponed until January due to everyone’s busy schedule! I am very lucky and was taken to Angela Hartnett’s Murano for lunch and with no time before the holidays and January was the month.

I started the week on a super healthy note with my new Amazing Meal chocolate infusion shake and a shiny new gym membership card. I did go to the gym twice last week, not yet this week but it is only Monday!

By Wednesday I headed for a lunch at Murano. I had never been so was very excited try it. The food was very hearty and I have to admit the only healthy thing that stayed with me after that was my Amazing Meal that I had for breakfast! It is back to the gym this week, but Murano as it is well worth a blog post of it’s own!

The restaurant is beautiful and the food is generous and very pretty to look at. we went for the lunch menu, the dishes suited us all and it was great value at £25 for two courses and £30 for three.


I love good bread but I don’t tend to eat that much to avoid carb overload. I have to say I had 2 pieces straight away, the focaccia was very delicious!


We had a small board of charcuterie and some olives, perfect with the bread salmi always makes me happy.



Had I not been on a bit of a mission to be healthier I would have gone for the Pork Belly and most likely mash! There was three of us going and we all went for a different starter, I opted for the Potato gnocchi and Gorgonzola Dolce gratin, as delicious as it sounds! A bit sinful but luckily the dish was very small!

Potato gnocchi and Gorgonzola Dolce gratin09janPotatoGnocchi

Smoked duck breast salad, marinated dates, baby leeks09JanSmokedDuck

Cornish mackerel, grilled potatoes, honey and mustard09JanCornishMackerel

For mains two of us had the Cornish pollock, squid, orange creme fraiche, pickled chilli. I would never have thought of making orange creme fraiche but it was delicious with fish! I must try this at home but I doubt I will be able to cook the pollock to such utter perfection!


The other main course was roasted pumpkin risotto, deep fried sage, Parmigiano Reggiano


There was dessert as well, Ricotta cheesecake with new season rhubarb and as I had been so bad already I went for some cheese. One soft, one blue, one hard and one goats cheese. It was worth breaking the healthy diet intentions for as an indulgent and rare treat.


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