Sometimes there is nothing like a good steak

I almost never get a cold and I really surprised myself when I realised I was due for a day in bed. I wasn’t completely incapacitated but nor was I going outside the front door. I had fever and that is about the only thing that really gets me. I slept for 3 more hours before starting to think about moving. The cold didn’t have an impact on my appetite so I decided to feed the cold. I am a firm believer that if your body crave something, there is something missing and you should listen. I wasn’t very hungry for lunch but I had a look around for cold fighting ingredients. I did a soup with chicken stock, a pearl barley and lentil mix and added some pasta and a celery stalk to make it hearty. On the side I did a tortilla “pizza” full of health boosting topping.

I started by spreading a thin layer of hot sauce on the tortilla, added a diced tomato, dollops of cottage cheese, added some sundried tomato, some chopped onion and finished it off with a thin sprinkling of Jarlsberg cheese before baking it in the oven until golden, about 10 minutes in a 175C oven.


After lunch I did some work and then just kept a low profile in general. After a short nap I realised I wasn’t dying at all from this cold, I needed a large steak. Perhaps I am low on iron, it was a long time since I last had a steak but I did put my clothes on and did the short walk to Robsons where I got some fantastic looking T-bone steaks. I normally prefer rib eye steak but this T-bone was aged for 28 days and looked like it needed eating! They got the big saw out and I walked off home with 2 beautiful and large steaks for dinner.

I went straight home after that already feeling a bit tired and decided to cook with what I had at home. I had a small romanesco that I steamed.


I also did some guaccamole


I also had some chestnut mushrooms that I cooked with some garlic. I had fresh coriander, usually I have parsley but last time I went shopping there was no parsley so I picked a bag of coriander, they are related herbs. I decided to make a sauce for the steaks using the coriander and this is kind of similar to chimmichurri but very different.

Garlic and coriander steak sauce – oven 160C, cooking time 1 hr

  • garlic, 2 bulbs
  • 1 chilli, de seeded and chopped
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • salt
  • good olive oil

Cut the top of the garlic bulbs and pour over some good olive oil and salt, place on tin foil, make parcels and bake for an hour.

Once the garlic is baking roughly chop the coriander, leaves and stalks unless they are too tough with the chilli in a mortar and pestle and make in t a rough paste, add olive oil as you are working. Add the garlic when still quite hot, this will wilt the coriander slightly. Add more oil if needed, a pinch of salt and the lemon juice. Set aside until the steaks are cooked.


I cooked the steaks


Before set the steaks aside to rest I added the garlic and coriander steak sauce so the flavours could marry with the meat whilst resting, I saw someone do this on TV and thought I would have to try. It was great! I do recommend it, it really does add flavour and sometimes there is nothing like tucking in to a great steak! I had a lovely Chatenuf Du Pape to go with the dinner. It might not be the healthiest of dinners but every now and then it is just so good.


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