Steamed cod with romanesco and egg sauce

I still had some Chinese rose radish sprouts and I wanted to use them. It is too cold for a salad so I got some cod. I wanted to be cost conscious and got a piece of line caught loin of cod, it was £2.20 and then I saw a twin pack of baby romaesco, this would be perfect with the radish sprouts. At home I had some milk, an egg ,dill and all of the sudden I knew, I wanted to make my version of cod with egg sauce, a childhood favorite.

The traditional sauce is based on a roux with flour and butter and a dash of cream even and the cod would have been boiled not steamed. The romanesco would be replaced by boiled potatoes and it would be served with green peas. My version below makes for a lighter version and most likely slightly quicker to make as well.

Romanesco is perhaps one of the vegetables that looks the most like an alien. It is a kind of cauliflower, delicious, slightly nutty and eat just al dente for the best flavor. Here it is just steamed but you can use it just like you use cauliflower or broccoli.


Steamed cod and romanesco with egg and dill sauce 

  • 1 piece of cod, about 200gr/pp
  • 1 baby romanesco or 1/4 whole one/pp
  • Zest of lemon
  • Salt & pepper

For the egg and dill sauce

  • 2 dl milk
  • 2 tsp arrow root
  • 1 hard boiled egg
  • dill
  • Salt & white pepper

Start by placing the romanesco in a steamer, add salt, pepper and the zest of lemon to the cod and place next to the romanesco and let steam for 15 minutes.


Whilst that is steaming boil the egg for 8-10 minutes. Let the egg cool in cold water while making the sauce, add the milk and arrow root   to the pan, whisk to avoid lumps and when it thickens add salt and white pepper to taste. The sauce should have a flavor, the cod only has mild spices so make sure it it not bland.

When you are happy with the sauce chop up the egg and add to the sauce, then add the dill. The sauce should be quite thick and as the only fat in it comes from the milk (I used semi skimmed), it is still light.

I topped the dish with lemon, squeeze a wedge over and add another with the meal, add the Chinese rose radish sprouts and serve. The sprouts adds a great flavor punch and lifts the dish, I love them! It is great comfort food and a very quick week night dinner.


2 Responses to “Steamed cod with romanesco and egg sauce”
  1. I have never heard of or tried romanesco – but what a cool vegetable! I love the color and the shape and so intrigued. And the egg sauce for the cod sounds delicious… Thanks so much for sharing!

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