Asian spice rubbed roast pork belly with brussels sprout bake

It is so cold at the moment it is too early to do something at the allotment but there are still veg to pick. This weekend we picked Brussels sprouts and a small cabbage head, sadly the last of the cabbage. The beetroots and parsnips are still ok so we picked a few of those … Continue reading


Something very plain and simple the day after the party

Sometimes  get the question how long I spend cooking every day and where I get my inspiration, it is so easy to just have a few dishes that you know work and can be knocked up quite quickly. The answer is that I only really spend time doing more complicated or slow cooking dishes on … Continue reading

Beef cheek stew and burrata mash

It was another Saturday and another game of Rugby. Needless to say it was bitter cold and sitting still for too long makes the cold creep in to the bones! I realized we needed something truly warming when we got back This cold weather makes me crave hearty foods, like stew and even more so after the rugby! … Continue reading

Nopi – an adventurous mix of Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine

I love to go out and eat food I don’t cook myself. A friend of mine invited me to Nopi. I had never heard of it and reading the menu I could not quite determine what the cuisine was but it looked intriguing. I could see an Asian influence and it is clearly cross cuisine food. … Continue reading

Cured salmon with brown shrimp and a citrus coleslaw

I am not much for browsing around the supermarket but sometimes I do find some interesting things. This weeks find was some “exotic” citrus, very small little citrus fruits. They have quite a lot of pips but the whole fruit is edible and I just had to buy some as they, well, are so cute! … Continue reading

Hearty chicken soup for a cold night

Sometimes, and especially when it is cold out and I feel a little tired I think chicken soup is one of the best thing you can eat. On the way home from work I managed to get to the butcher ten minutes before they closed! Their chicken is just so much better than the one … Continue reading

Al Boccon di vino – an Italian eat fest

I have been intrigued to come here ever since it opened but I have not managed to book a table in this small and intimate Italian Richmond based restaurant. It looks very traditional from the outside and I finally got to book a table at Al Boccon di vino for a Sunday lunch! we didn’t quite know … Continue reading

Slow roast lamb – perfect Rugby food!

We were lucky to have tickets for the rugby this weekend. It is always a fun day out! Despite a pale sun it was quite cold and I bought a half shoulder of lamb before we headed out and decided to slow roast it so that it would be ready when we got back home … Continue reading

SpagBol Lasagne – left over dinner

I cooked way too much spaghetti bolognese for dinner and was left with another meal. I didn’t want to eat the same thing two days in a row so I decided to make a “lazy” lasagne, it was a great way to transform left overs. I had a bag of spinach and some mushrooms that needed using. … Continue reading

Spaghetti Bolognese – That’s Amore on Valentines day

I don’t usually celebrate Valentines day, it is a nice tradition but somehow it seems I never celebrate it properly. I remember I was in the US once and I got friendship Valentines card from my friends, it was celebrated big style! I didn’t even get around to buy a card but I promised to … Continue reading